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  1. When I went on Intel's website it said no thermal monitoring technology. The program I used is cpu-z or gpu-z
  2. I have an old i5 660 and it doesn't have the thermal monitoring technology and thermal paste so how do I know it's temperature. I played many games like Far Cry new dawn, far cry 5, assasin's creed origins and never got a blue screen. Should i do something about it?
  3. So basically i want to upgrade my pc (by that i mean my dad) with a 8gb ram. The question is will my pc work fine after i put the 8gb module with 3x2gb modules.
  4. So I have a HP Compaq 8100 cmt with 6gb ram (2gb died) I wanted to upgrade to 14 and I bought 8gb 1600mhz GEIL (my motherboard supports 1333mhz but the guy that works at the store said It will work on lower frequency). I tried that ram and it didn't work even if I only put that one in PC so do I need to buy HP ram or can I go with Kingston or crucial. My motherboard is Hewlett Packard 304bh