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  1. im sure theres a way but its probably a pain in the ass by design to
  2. is there a way to keep the phone on 5g only?
  3. so i want to find a fourm so i can get help installing an eletric water heater to my trailer but i dont know where to find help at
  4. so i talked to uplay and uplay is the problem its broken basically so good bye rainbow siege and 77Gb of data
  5. so just turn on automatically backup and thats it?
  6. oh i have a hard drive 300gb so i would like to know how to put a backup of my os and main ssd files into it
  7. im curious how do i make a backup of my pc and stuff?
  8. it says cant find other players which im pretty sure there would be online cant be dead this soon its doom after all
  9. i cant join any online matches for some reason i get this error message it cant find any
  10. i tried installing the wifi manually it just showed a wifi logo and then nothing
  11. its an intel pcie which is good cause i just saw wifi bluetooth and got it i downloaded the bluetooth drivers but the wifi drivers didint install for some reason