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  1. I have a computer that wouldn’t post no matter what I did, and after some troubleshooting, I realized it displayed just fine on another monitor but not my main one. I’ve tried swapping cables, ports etc. and both screens are using the exact same cable interchanged. I am pretty sure this issue has happened more than once with another computer, but I didn’t have the chance to test it with a second monitor. The main monitor that the computer won’t boot/display to is a Sceptre 165hz e258b-1658a, and the one it boots to is a Samsung TSS-23WB LED I’ve tried a Quadro 410, an HD Radeon card and my RX 580, they all have the same issue with one screen booting/displaying and the other not. Please note my screen still worked with my old computer that had the RX 580. Is there any troubleshooting tips I can try? Could my screen be broken, somehow? Thanks for your help! EDIT: I installed Adrenaline drivers on the new computer using the temporary monitor and it fixed the issue. I’m still not sure why that would matter for one monitor but not the other, or why multiple NVIDIA graphics cards wouldn’t boot/display either.
  2. Lots of thermal pastes on amazon/newegg in my area aren't available or are very expensive, do you think the Noctua NT-H1 would do the trick? It's non-conductive on their website and is at a reasonable price.
  3. I don't have any thermal paste on-hand right now but I'll order some asap, hopefully with minimal shipping delays. Thanks!
  4. I've cleaned out the card completely, it didn't help as it was relatively clean already. I also tried lowering the core voltage % and power limit on afterburner with barely any difference
  5. Without any overclocking, my 1080ti has recently been getting extremely hot and throttling down under base clock in any full load. Any idea how to fix it? It's a 3 year old card if that helps, all 3 fans spin. My case does have pretty bad airflow, but the thermals are almost the same with the entire pc side panel off, so I don't think it's an airflow issue. Here's a video of it (sped up 800%) Thanks! (I set a temperature limit at 84 degrees in Afterburner because it would constantly jump to 90 degrees+ and shut my computer down when playing games.)
  6. Can't RMA, its a used PSU I just bought off a random person. : /
  7. It just makes an annoying sound when I'm trying to do anything. It sounds exactly like a lower volume version of an air horn constantly blaring at me.
  8. Do you think there is something I can do to either fix the fan so it moves when needed or increase the fan speed/power?
  9. When on my home screen it sometimes emits a constant electronic buzz (which is different than the small coil whine) while the fan stands still. Sounds exactly like an air horn but quieter. When I turn on a game, the buzz soon starts up and it looks like it's making desperate attempts at pushing the fan but failing. The fan actually does start moving when the game/workload gets bigger, but when between completely idle and full load, the fan is stuck like this. You can only hear the buzz in the first second of the video for some reason (turn up volume), but there is a coil-whine type buzz whenever it tries pushing the fan. I bought this TX650m used a few days ago, did I get scammed or is this normal for the power supply?
  10. That's true, but my main concern is this power supply is extremely loud, broken or not. I'll just use the website you sent me and hopefully find a quieter model from Corsair. Thanks for your help!
  11. That website rates it at 35db but mine is running at about 58-60db loud on the desktop doing nothing and up to 65db under full load (with every other fan turned off, its the only one making noise). Not sure how accurate a phone app is but it's definitely louder than 35db. I've also built a second PC with a CX450 and it's 100% completely silent under full load, so if I could replace this PSU for another version maybe it'll just simply be silent?
  12. It's very, very loud, and I don't think the PSU fan is supposed to be this noisy, so I'm just assuming it's broken. Also, due to the dangerous nature of replacing parts for a psu and having to get the right fans, etc. I'll just sell this one as broken and replace it.
  13. I really don't know what I'm doing, so i'll probably just buy another PSU at this point, thanks a lot man.
  14. I have a Corsair TX650 V2 that is loud at idle and VERY loud at full load/playing games. Can I fix this issue by just opening it up and replacing the fan, or is it a fan controller/curve/something else issue? I don't care about warranty, I bought it a few weeks ago off Kijiji, Corsair warranty doesn't transfer. Thanks!