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  1. I´ve already ran the windows one without any errors but can i trust this one? People say that it is not very realiable since i´m looking for another tool if it is really worth
  2. I have a tuf b360 gaming plus br, i5 9400f, gtx 1060 6gb , 500w psu and the ram is a crucial ballistix sport 1x8gb ddr4 2666mhz Is this memtest64 the best option? There are so many that i´m lost The only games that did not crash were far cry 3 and battlefield 3 Played both for 40hours total BO2 crashed 4 times in 80hours All of my other games crashed at least once or while setting graphical options(ac4) I don´t know if this is just bad luck , i´ve wanted to be sure that my hardware is ok if possible Thank you
  3. Hello As the title says , how can i test my ram 100% or at least close to it to check for errors in the hardware I´ve came across memtest86 and memtest86+ but idk if they´re worth If not , how can i test my ram? I´ve also used windows diagnostic and it said no errors but people say that this is not very reliable I wanted to test since i´ve been having some exception error codes in games (0xc000005 in BO2) a bit frequent i would say Tested the cpu through intel stress test , ran aida too and without issues GPU is fine i guess( no artifacts or anything, no windows crashes) So which software tool/way is the best to check for ram hardware errors? Thank you
  4. Matpc

    Windows 10 issue

    Pretty sure this windows is cracked , contacted the old owner and he said so I did not use MS account , my account was local Completely wiped the HDD and this still happened He told me that he used ratiborus kms tool I´m worried now , how do i get rid of this? Are these keys permanent or tied to hardware/bios? Thank you
  5. Matpc

    Windows 10 issue

    I´m not sure if this is legit I also did some tests to verify if it is legit and it is not Can i revert this?
  6. Matpc

    Windows 10 issue

    Hello I´ve bought a pre built pc not a long time ago and i was using it just fine Today i decided to reinstall windows(media tool through bios) and after installation it said that it already was activated I´m going to buy a original copy but since this happened , i can conclude that this windows is cracked and the crack was still not remove(i´ve deleted all partitions in media tool before the fresh install) What happened? What should i do? Thank you
  7. I know this is a bit obvious but have you tried ddu or clean windows install? Could also run hdd test and a cpu test if amd have one ( i have a intel processor and there is a integrity test in the intel site)
  8. Do you have a fan curve? I don´t like adjusting fans that much but my temps are about 70 degrees while gaming both cpu gpu 60 fps locked games these temperatures are way low ( 60 gpu 55 cpu) I´m only getting 70 in multiplayer games since i play unlocked
  9. Since i live in brazil , temps are high and yet it is hot now Surprisingly enough , adding the third one in the front down actually helped the gpu ( 4 degrees) I think i´m going to leave it there and also top fans are very ugly they make the case look very ugly But anyway , i think i´ve found the right place for the third
  10. I would get about 82 degrees on gpu and about 80 cpu when my case did not have any fans I have 3 https://www.terabyteshop.com.br/produto/9466/cooler-para-gabinete-deepcool-xfan-120mm-dp-fdc-xf120 And this is my case https://www.pichau.com.br/gabinete-pichau-gamin-dragoon-r-led-rgb-lateal-em-vidro-temp-pgdr-01-rgb?gclid=Cj0KCQiArdLvBRCrARIsAGhB_sxyvlSodyGjYL2POp-01xPfBbVsn7gvXVdlmXaek-RN97tcrvLki9UaApAYEALw_wcB I have a i5 9400f and a 1060 6gb When playing single player games (60fps locked) these temperatures are way low I have 70~75 when playing multiplayer games ( since i play with v sync off , cpu and gpu have higher temperatures) I have 1 fan in the back and one in the front middle Added one more in front up and temps got worse Also tested on top but not much improvement I also use default fan curve for both cpu and gpu
  11. I did some tests 1 front 1 back cpu was 74 peak and gpu 72 peak 2 front 1 back cpu was 75 peak and gpu 78 peak 1 front 1 back 1 top cpu was 73 peak and gpu 71 peak Well i guess there is not much improvement adding a third fan since using 2 was most beneficial
  12. But i currently have 3 Having 1 front 1 back and 1 top is better? I´m pretty tired of swapping fans Thank you
  13. I bought one more to help cpu ( since i have 1 front middle but i´ve wanted to add 1 front but up to the cpu since the middle has one for gpu) I thought this would help but it is actually worse Should i put it in a different place or should i just leave two? Thank you
  14. So it is actually worse putting it in this position Should i put i front down or top or just leave two? Thank you
  15. I added two fans in my case One in the back and one in the front(middle) Now i´ve decided to put one more at the front ( up in the front ) and temps are somehow worse I was getting 70c gpu and 70c cpu in battlefield 3 multiplayer with 2 fans Now i´m getting 75c both cpu gpu (tested same map , same settings) Is there something i´m doing wrong? The fan does spin as i´ve checked and it is the same model as the previous two Is it bad to put one in the middle and one up? Where should i put the third or should i just leave with 2 fans? Thank you