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  1. Hello! Thanks to @DatTestBench and @LukeSavenije I got an answer to my question about mining GPUs and if they are worth it. From their answer, I came to the conclusion that the "deal" I found is worth it. I found an RX 580 4gb that was mining for about a year and a half for 90 euros (about 110 USD). Used hardware prices are whack in my country and that's why I'll refer to this ad as a "deal". (they were mining ETH btw) Basically, I found a mining rig with 6 XFX RX 580's. The dude is selling the GPUs 90 eur a piece. The owner claims that the GPUs mined in well ventilated rooms, that they were never overheating and that they were never cooked, fixed or even opened. I think that the cards have Mining BIOSes on them and that's why I'm asking the question, HOW do I install a default BIOS? Also, from what I know, some 580's have a switch next to the power connector which switches between the two bioses that they apparently have? So yeah, how do I install a normal GPU BIOS on a card with a mining BIOS?
  2. Okay, so here's the possible final decision: CPU - Xeon X5670 CPU Cooler - either the Antec A30 or the Snowman MoBo - Huananzhi X58 GPU - GeForce 210 (aka. The Worst GPU - according to some youtubers) PSU - BeQuiet! System Power 9 400w Case - yet to be decided RAM - Aliexpress ECC 32gb (2 modules, 16gb 1600mhz each) Storage - 120gb BioStar s100 SSD (just for the OS) Storage - 2x 2tb Seagate BarraCuda 7200RPM HDD, (for my PC's external storage for videos and other stuff)
  3. Sadly, not in US nor UK. The shipping and the local customs would REALLY kill the deal and make it not worth it, because I've seen cases of customs charging up to 200% of the item value!!!
  4. Not so cheap locally. An E5-2620 V2 xeon would come in handy since it's ~20$. As I said, I might need the GPU, so I'd get something weaker like an RX460
  5. I would need the GPU. not sure why, but I'd still keep it in there as a backup plan in case of something (idk what)
  6. actually, yeah, not cheap at all. Any recommendations on whether I should just get one of these CPU's, a single-socket mobo, 16gb of ram, an RX460 2gb and a 400w PSU? It will not only cut the cost of the electricity bill, but also be cheaper to get...
  7. Hello! My name is iMonstaa - and I'm new around here lol So, basically, my question is: How can I run a 24/7 server (for a website, a discord bot, as a home storage system and a Minecraft server) for cheap (low power consumption also)? I was thinking of getting a few Raspberry Pi's and making a Pi Cluster, but I think it would be better if I got one of those cheaper dual CPU motherboards on AliExpress, 24gb of DDR3 ram, 2x 6-core Xeons, a 600w PSU, 2x 2tb HDDs and a budget GPU. So, may I get your thoughts on which idea is better? ?