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  1. does this work? https://www.amazon.com/CableWholesale-3-5mm-Female-Adaptor-30S1-12200/dp/B000I963YU. I was planning to use my current 3.5mm stereo audio male to 2 RCA male and put a mono RCA female to 3.5mm mono audio male to it
  2. rip, shipping fee will be big because I'm from Asia. but thanks, good to know it exist.
  3. I have 2 bluetooth speakers(both are Remax RB-M19) and I want to make them do stereo sound. it seems 3.5mm jack splitters i found are only for input only(mic+audio female to 3.5mm male). is there any way i can do this? I prefer wired solution than wireless(bluetooth) one though.
  4. The thing is that this speaker was rarely used until last year where I always on the PC(family PC, it became a chunky HTPC because everyone has laptops and iPads now) and now I transferred the speaker to my own PC because I recently got a proper(bigger) desk to put it on. It was really fine last year and the only time I maxed out the volume was this year's New year's celebration where we maxed all the speakers we had at the house including this speaker.
  5. It still occurs when using another device like my phone and my iPad. No sound or rattling when i shake the speakers anything that has bass will have cracks. I tried different House, Electronic, Lo-Fi, R&B, Rap track and it really does crack
  6. The title kinda says it all. My speaker (Bose Companion 2 Series II) speaker is cracking when it plays bass music, even if it is just a voice and sometimes it causes some buzzing sound and some random pulsating static(Idk what I'm taliking about because Idk what it is called). I tried to switch the RCA plug to the other female plug, cleaned the cable plugs(the male plugs) yet the problem still occurs. I also tried to update the drivers but it said it it is up-to-date and I don't trust it. It wasn't like this before. I was okay with it throughout these years and this problem only occurred last 2 months. Does replacing the 2 RCA to 3.5mm jack will fox the problem?
  7. I can't give you a catalogue because it will take days for them to answer that it will make this thread obsolete in a few days and they almost never update their catalouge online(like it is updated 2 months ago and their website doesn't say if it is in stock so you have to rely on thier social media accounts that they never answer) so I want ya'll to suggest me some alternatives because I'm going to find that model/SKU myself in stores. Also I'm not buying online and Newegg or Amazon have high shipping fee when delivering it to my country
  8. is WD Green or Blue 3D, Sandisk SSD Plus ok? they are the most common SATA SSD next to 860 EVO.
  9. idk maybe at $40 to $50? I only want the model as prices are almost the same
  10. I planning to make an external drives for our PS4 and for myself. What cheap SSD should I get? Samsung 860 EVO and Crucial MX500 is always out of stock on my local computer stores so I need an alternative and thoses drive are seem too overkill. I prefer those SATA 2.5 inch drives but a M.2 SSD is ok too.
  11. I'm planning to buy a RX 570 2nd hand or brand new. What model/SKU should I look for?<--- Does it matter? This is the brand new one that planning to buy. When converted, It is priced around $130 but I saw some of my local stores sell less than $5 to $7 of that price. The second hand RX 570 cost around $100 to $110 and Idk what should I pick.
  12. im using an old phone though so battery life isn't an issue and thermals. im just giving it a new purpose after being replaced
  13. I don't like a gorilla holding my phone permanently though. lmao
  14. i already did this and it left its sticky residue. i dont want to clean that again and it isnt strong enough as it sags
  15. You are just suggesting me to sabotage my online classes as they are rowdy asf that they will embarass and scold me for thise shenanigans lmao