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  1. I recently tried to install a new i9 9900k in replacement for my i5 9600k to which every time I would boot the system, I would get past the bios screen and windows would begin to load but fail. My first boot looked promising as it detected a new cpu and once it told me to set it up in the bios, it displayed the right frequency and everything. I’ve tried numerous layouts with my ram sticks, to no avail, and I tried putting my i5 back into my pc and it booted into windows just fine. Sometimes it would tell me that it’s “preparing automatic repair” but freezes every time. I’m not sure if it’s shorting anywhere because of how it booted fine with my i5 put back in the system. I’ve reset the bios numerous times and tried messing with the ram speeds not exceeding their rated speed. Motherboard lights: Every time I tried turned on the system, the cpu light and dram lights would blink in some way (cpu first), followed by a short blink of the vga light and the boot light would hold until the system inevitably froze. Changing the ram amounts and sticks themselves caused the dram light to blink for various lengths of time every boot; I didn’t record a pattern.Current specs (excluding processor)Z390e gaming motherboardRtx2080 ftw316gb trident z rgb 3200mhzKraken x72 aio Nvme ssd1tb hdd 80+ gold Corsair 850 psuI don’t know if I’m just very unlucky or have a bad cpu, but I would love suggestions on how to fix this issue; or assurance that it is a bad cpu and that I should get it replaced