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  1. Summary: I am looking for a build that is capable of streaming, gaming and rendering / coding / game designing for anywhere between 1300 - 1500 usd. 1. Budget & Currency Currency: USD Budget 1300 - 1500 (lower the better. 2. Aim My aim is to have a computer than can capably do all things. I need a computer than can not only run games such as GTA V and other AAA titles such as Shadow of The Tomb Raider but more importantly can also perform well in productivity such as game designing, coding, rendering, photo editing, etc. It needs to be able to do some level of streaming as well. That said, while I may need a 1440p display to balance productivity and gaming, I am willing to sacrifice gaming at 1440p for better performance in productivity if necessary. Though it must be stated that I am looking for at least a 1080p 60 frames a second gaming experience while running other things in the background. (such as OBS or Maya 3D - not necessarily while its rendering.) 3. Monitors I would prefer a 2 monitor set up but right now it would be better to have 1 high quality, colour accurate, decent refresh rate monitor than two bad ones. I do plan on going to two in the future. But by then I may also be changing the system to some extent. 4. Peripherals Don't need and OS. Don't need peripherals per say but I wouldn't mind if some decent ones were included. 5. Why are you upgrading? PC is dead. Diagnostics suggest either the motherboard or the cpu or both are dead. System is ancient. I had created the below list however what do you think. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/devvytm/saved/#view=yBWQqs I would also really appreciate it if I could get an Intel build as well just in case. If you have a better AMD build as well I would love to hear it. I will be needing a very capable set up as right now I am being forced to do everything from my laptop which has made it very clear to me that while it can do a lot, somethings are better suited to an actual PC. Thanks in advance.
  2. That was using all the main character modeling ones. Anything from Blender to fuse to even Maya. But thats on the laptop. The softwares I use at the moment are Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Blender, all Adobe's productivity suite, 3d modeling softwares such as Maya and Fuse along with others I find over time which I may like better. I also use music production softwares however the one I am using right now because I am on the laptop is fl studio which doesn't take much to run. As for games. Looking at anything current. GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin Creeds (All of them, new and old.), the entire Total War franchise from Creative Assembly, the entire paradox games franchise, RUST, Shadow of the tomb raider along with all other tomb raider games, x4: foundations, Ark: survival evolved, call of duty franchise, etc. Basically run most to everything acceptably. Where storage is concerned, do note I already have a 1tb hdd from a previous laptop which I use as an external drive currently, however it is a 5400rpm one. That said, everything isn't expected to be stored internally as some things will be required on the go as well. I was thinking of an ssd and a 7200rpm hdd combination for storage.
  3. What is the best possible tower set up I can get for $750 the most? No peripherals or addons. RGB not needed. I am looking for something that will allow me to do the following easily: Game at high - ultra settings 1080p or higher Video editing Photo editing Game creation 3d Rendering of 4k models etc. For comparison: My current config which consists of a laptop which sports an i3 7th gen processor and integrated graphics alongside 6gb of ddr4 ram and a 1tb 5400rpm HDD can do all of the above with relative ease as long as the mid 3 are not in 4k. Where games are concerned this same laptop config can run all assassin creed titles right up to Syndicate (which is where it drops performance to playable but not acceptable). It can run every total war game, every paradox game, every tropico game, league of legends, for some reason doesn't do well in CSGO, all gta titles minus gta v (current version) however it plays gta v online pretty decently for some reason. (as long as mods aren't being used by other players to create serious particle effects.) I just gave the above thing about the laptop to give you a sense of where I am coming from and where I need to get. The laptop can nearly do everything I want it to do, including game creations at 4k (depending on the size of the area that is being worked on) but I need to get a desktop set up to take the load off the laptop which right now is outperforming even its limits. Anyone able to assist in this arena?
  4. I'm sure the answer to this question is somewhere on the forum but since I can't find it, here's the question. I am looking to build a new pc but have reached a crossroads where the cpu is concerned. I can get a better, cheaper cpu (on paper) but it comes with integrated graphics or I can get a slightly more expensive but slightly less powerful (on paper) cpu without integrated graphics. I plan on using a dedicated graphics card in the machine so the integrated graphics doesn't bother me much but my question is, can I put a dedicated graphics card in the same machine that already has integrated graphics or do I have to go with the none integrated graphics solution for stability and ease of use. The computer will be used for both gaming and productivity.
  5. Devvytm

    Dead PC

    Just tried a new power supply. Its still dead.
  6. Devvytm

    Dead PC

    I have, at first the stuff weren't connected (power switch, etc) but even after connecting those it made no difference.
  7. Devvytm

    Dead PC

    So I received a desktop computer last night but it isn't working at all. It's not turning on. There is no fan spin nor signs of life other than a small sound if a flip the switch at the back off which indicates that at least some power is being transmitted through the port. Any advice on how to fix or what could be the problem? I don't know the specs of the machine. I just got it with no other information. (It was free.)