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  1. Hi, So I was playing WoW and my screen turned black (the pc stayed on and discord kept working). Weird I thought. But then I heard the fans ramping up to max insanely quick. My gpu was at 40 degrees and I've never changed the fan settings. What could cause this? I'm using the latest driver on geforce experience. P.S: I have another post about stuff wrong about my pc (link: I don't know if the problems are relayed. Any tips would be appreciated
  2. Hey so, I bought a new ssd (Samsung QVO 1TB), and it worked fine for like 3-4weeks. Now it's happening AGAIN. I can't see anything unusual in event viewer. ''Event 41 Kernel - power: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.'' I tried looking for an event that happens right before it crashes and see if it happens between 2 different crashes, but I can't find one.
  3. I just tried installing Windows to my HDD, that gives the same error message. Both drives died simultaniously?
  4. Lol warranty ran out 12 days ago, guess I'm buying another. Thank you very much for the help, appreciate it.
  5. Oh god. I downloaded the MediaCreationTool thing from Windows and put it on the USB. Whenever I try to install windows though, it says ''Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code 0x9007025D''.
  6. I have tried disabling the intel graphics thingy via device manager, performance got worse. Tried setting the MX 130 as ''main gpu'' in nvidia control pannel, changed nothing
  7. I'll do that. Quick question though. When reinstalling Windows via USB, won't it ask me for a product key? How can I get that key back? Can I just use the same key twice or how does that work?
  8. That drive only has Windows and drivers on it anyway, it's not like I'll lose anything important.
  9. Well Sh*t. What about reinstalling Windows and then downloading that partition tool to see if my drives dying? Would that be worth trying?
  10. I am aware that my laptop is not meant for gaming, however, when playing games such as League of Legends or Minecraft, the FPS stays at around 15-30, then goes up to 60 for like 5 seconds and then back to 15-30. I have no idea how to try and fix this problem. The temps seem normal to me, It's connected to a power thingy, power plan set to high performance. Anyone got suggestions on how to fix this? Laptop specs (HP Pavillion 15-cs0649nd): CPU: i5-8250U GPU: MX 130 RAM: 8GB
  11. I'm having a slight problem. the PENetwork thing isn't detecting my network card. I tried putting the Minipartition thing on the USB and then installing it, but the setup closes itself after selecting the language.
  12. Did the extended test, it showed ''pass''. WHen pressing test results, it says ''The exception unknown software exception (0xc06d007e) occured in the application at location 0x00000000076B596C2.''
  13. PLEASE NOTE: I don't know much about troubleshooting/fixing problems, so the steps I've taken might seem stupid. Sorry. 25-01: I installed the game Diablo 3 to my PC. When starting the game, it crashed my pc. No bluescreen, just shuts off as if the power got disconnected. After deleting D3Prefs.txt (the file that saves my ingame settings like resolution or anti aliassing), the problem was fixed. 26-01: When starting my computer again and launching Diablo 3, it crashed again. Deleting D3Prefs.txt fixed the problem again. I noticed that when starting Overwatch, I have the same problem with the same temporary fix. Contacted Blizzard support, couldn't come to a fix. 27-01: Noticed other games from Steam and RIOT games also crash my PC uppon startup (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN BEFORE 27-01). Weird. Unistalled graphics drivers, installed an older driver, still crashes. I did a system recovery back to 20-01, did not fix the problem. 28-01: When I started my PC and input my password, my PC crashed. Tried again, same result. Removed BIOS battery to clear CMOS. After that it wouldn't get me to the ''login'' screen for Windows. It would show me the Windows Icon, then that circling load icon, then another circling load icon without the windows icon above it, and when that one was done, I don't get a login screen. It just stays black. My computer has been working normally for about 3 months now (that's when I built it). Now I can't get into Windows and don't know what to do. I've tried: Inserting the RAM in different slots/using only 1 stick. Clearing CMOS Different GPU Drivers Disabling startup of all non microsoft services via MSConfig My computer specifications: GPU: GTX 1660 TI CPU: i7-4790K Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 PSU: 650W EVGA (I think bronze) Cooler: stock intel cooler (temps never went over 70 when playing games such as GTAV/Witcher 3) RAM: Corsair Vengance 16GB (2x8) Storage: 1 128GB SSD , 1 500GB HDD. Windows and drivers are installed on the SSD, games and other stuff on HDD BIOS version: Honestly, I have no clue. It's either Version 1.0 or 1.D. P.S. My motherboard shows certain numbers at the bottom. I have no clue what they are for but if they are important, the numbers shown are 28 or 34. If there is any additional information I should upload please let me know.