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  1. He tried with hdmi to hdmi on a neighbors monitor, still doesn't work on his pc and does on his laptop
  2. I know you need an active adapter to make it work, because I have the same solution as well. He has one built into the cable. Furthermore, his laptop, with the same cable (so HDMI from his laptop to VGA to his screen, DOES work.
  3. I built this pc 2 days ago, tested it with my own screen/cable (hdmi to hdmi) and it worked just fine. He's testing it at his home now, but he's not getting any output. The pc turns on, all fans spinning. He's using hdmi on his graphics card and VGA on his monitor. When he uses the same cable and the same monitor on his laptop, it does display. I have no idea what's wrong and I've tried everything I know. Any suggestions are VERY welcome
  4. Hey there, Currently, I have 2 monitors: Main monitor is connecting via my graphics card/hdmi (gtx 1650 ti), 1920x1080 60Hz Second monitor is connected via onboard graphics/vga (i7-4790K), 1680x1050, 60Hz If I were to play a game on my second monitor, does it still use my graphics card to process, or will it use my processor and get way worse fps?
  5. Will this increase latency? And are there any good free reverse proxy services?
  6. I'm by no means knowledgeable with it/domains etc, could you be a bit more specific than ''do something with it''?
  7. Hi there, Recently me and my guildmates on WoW have decided we wanted to play Terraria together, and since I've hosted for irl friends in the past, I figured you know what, why not. I hosted it by enabling port forwarding (port 7777=Terraria) and then using my public ip via whatsmyip.com, and giving that to my friends to connect to the server. However, I don't know/trust everyone in my WoW guild. If one of them tries to do something malicious, could it shut down my entire network, or just the Terraria server? If they can shut down my entire network, is there any safeguard I could p
  8. Do I need an older ryzen processor to flash the bios, or is it automatically compatible with the cpu you chose?
  9. So you're saying it could be tomorrow, or a year/longer periods of time?