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  1. Thanks. I use this PC primarily as advanced smart Tv if you know what I mean. It is a small pre build PC. So watching YouTube and causal gaming, but only the demanding AAA games. I am not E-Sport games fan. So with my i7-2600 and 1050ti, I get good game experience 1080p. I just read in the internet that the first 2 Stick work as a dual channel till 8GB and when I reach up +8Gb it start to use a single channel. Anyway, I will keep the 12 until I found 1 stick with exactly 100% same RAM module to buy. Have a nice day
  2. Solved!! The problem was Rank thing, so i bought 2 module with single rank and it worked with no errors on MemTest86. Now i want to ask last question, i am using now 3 identical 4 GB = 12 GB They are working good. What you advise? 3 RAM for 12gb or 2 for 8GB as i know about the dual channel thing. Anyway i still see CPU-Z that i have dual channel.. maybe the 2 work dual and last one as single or CPU-Z has wrong info .. i am not sure..
  3. I bought used kit from internet, and it looks the same from outside. When i receive it, I will test it and see
  4. I think you are right, they are physically not the same, one with RAM on two sides and one with only on one side, so maybe my Mainboard is too old to support this, because i don't have any option to config the Ram. I have last update for bios from official website 2015, no newer one. I will try one by one. Or buy a complete "kit" so the two ram modules will be 100% same ram physically and by specs and will give later a feedback. Really thanks a lot for helping me on this, have a nice day.
  5. Thanks, i checked the manual and it's correct, 1-3 or 2-4, the slots even have colors to match. So basically i installed it correctly, and you can notice from picture 3 it said Dual.. Even if it isn't correct, i don't think it will cause that problem, what i can only think about is one module has problem even memtest64 can't find it. So what i will do, is remove one RAM and see if the problem solved and then switch it, and see if one it them cause the problem. What you think ?
  6. Thanks for answer, i checked and the speed is correct. The second thing, the two new ram are similar with speed and voltage, but if i looked at timing i have something not similar: If i go to spd tab, i notice deference but i am not sure. I will post photo so can you look at it too.
  7. Hello, This is my first post here, I hope this is the correct forum. Long story short: I have pre build small PC (OEM) with 2x2 DDR3 Samsung, everything work great until I replaced my RAM to 2×4 Gb exactly (same speed 1333mhz- same voltage - same PC3 10600U ) but used from Crucial. Then my PC start randomly freez but no blue screen and then restart ( not normal switch off but like power off, the PC freez 1-4 seconds and then restart. This happens randomly somtimes 2 per day and sometimes 1 per month. I test the RAM so carefully with many apps, like MemTest86+, Windows Memory Diagnostic and DecMemory. All test came out with no errors, so i don't know what to do, is it power problem or ram problem? What i tried: - I did fresh windows install. - Disconnect my DVD to save power. - Changed my GPU. - Changed my CPU. All with no luck.. Note: my Bios is soooo limit so i can't change voltage. Please help .... Thanks!!!