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  1. I currently use the regular g703 and i love its been so good to me but I'm now having problems with my right click but keep in mind i got it when it first came out and Logitech has better connections when you are playing wireless. But its all personal opinion and it depends on how you like holding the mouse as well. I would choose the g703 personally but opinions do vary.
  2. Yeah I'm using it wired at the moment. But i dont know if I should spend the extra money to get something like the logitech g pro or the steelseries arctis 7 or 5 or maybe even the wired pro
  3. Hello, so I have the Sony Wh1000xm3 and I was wondering should I change to a different headphone or headset for gaming. I already have a blue yeti so I don’t need a Mic. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the extra money to change. Open to suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Well im also getting a blue yeti aswell but my budget for the headset is 289
  5. Hello I need help choosing what gaming headset to buy I have a budget of around 250 dollars and I need help deciding what to get. Some choices that I’ve thought about are the steelseries arctis 7 or the Logitech g pro. But I’m open to any suggestions as well or which one I should choose out of the 2. Thank you everyone! P.S I also have a blue yeti I just need a good Pair of gaming headsets so I don’t have to use my Sony Wh1000xm3
  6. I’ve heard lots of good things about the quality of Sony and Bose but idk which ones would fit the style I have as I’m more of the type of guy to wear a track suit or to be wearing sweat pants and a hoodie/sweater and if you understand things more UK road man type of look
  7. I will take a look at them thanks for the suggestions
  8. Yes I would like wireless and I listen to lots of hip hop and some R&B here and there and my budget would be around 400$ Canadian and I would use them because I take the bus and train every day and in my room and I’m also going to be going to England soon as well
  9. I’m new to the LTT forums but not the community but I’ve sitting thinking about what headphones I should buy I would mostly use them as using them on the train/bus or just in my house/room but by what I’ve seen where I live are mostly beats but idk if I should even get them because as someone with good knowledge of technology beats aren’t very good but they are in as a lot of people in my age group (young adults) wear them so I need help and suggestions thanks