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  1. Well i mean is it overheating ? i would personally leave it as it is
  2. It seems that it helped. Thank you so much for your time man !
  3. You mean the option in google settings?
  4. zoom in at the picture. At the number keypad.
  5. If you look closely at his keyboard(number pad) you might see it.
  6. Hey guys , recently i've had problem with my display. When I'm watching videos on YT i see few horizontal lines on my display. It is not that big of a problem but I'd like to know what the problem is. Does anybody have an idea what it could be ? I only see it if the objects on my screen are moving.
  7. How do i know whether the cable is good quality or not ? Might buy this one ..(https://www.alza.sk/oem-sftp-patchkabel-cat-7-s-konektormi-rj45-lsoh-3m-d5549504.htm) is it good ?
  8. Ah that's what i thought.... It is cat 5e so I should update to cat 7 or so right ?
  9. I've got a problem with my internet speed randomly switching from gigabit to 100mbps. When i plug my ethernet cable in the internet speed is 1gigabit(the led next to the thernet cable port is orange). After some time the led goes green and the internet speed is not anymore 1gigabit but 100mbps . Any idea where the problem is ?
  10. Niceeeee the problem was in the cable coming from the wall. Now i get something around 560mbps Thank you all!
  11. you know what's weird that i get sick results ONLY from one hole ..(i mean cable ...) why don't i get the same results everywhere in my house?
  12. If i take the ethernet cable that comes right from the router i get like 420 still better that the previous numbers gonna try the fast.com same results