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  1. Sorry, my mistake... I would try to hook up wifi to NAS and try it. Sorry again and thanks for your respond.
  2. Hello, I was forced to move my NAS to a different room. Problem in this room is that I cant run there ethernet cable through wall. Do you know any solution for that? For now I have old powerline adapter hooked up for my NAS, but its very slow. Is there some solution for me to achieve gigabit to my NAS? Thanks for responds PS: Sorry for my bad English
  3. Thanks so much, I am planning to do it in few days, not today.
  4. I cant believe that its that easy. Thanks @mahyar
  5. Shutdown replace drivers and I am done?
  6. Just replace it? Nothing else? I dont need to do some reset button or what?
  7. I want just do new setup. I dont need data from 6tb drive on SSD.
  8. Hello, I am planning to replace my HDD with SSD. I have Synology DS718+ with 6TB ironwolf in it, wich I got from my brother on limited time, before I buy mine. I want to buy SSD to run some VMs, Is it somehow possible to replace it without loosing data on HDD? Thanks for responds PS: Sorry for my bad English
  9. @Electronics Wizardy Nice... Can I use this? Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X or what is your recommendation?
  10. @schizznick If I would have DUAL WAN router and i would setup ports (TCP/UDP of apps/games) to one of WANs and another block it for these apps, to make sure that its not going through that bad wan, will it work? And can i setup that one is for every traffic only not for blocked and second wan is only for that traffic what is blocked for first one? i hope you understand my bad english
  11. @Electronics Wizardy Btw where can i get ip of App?