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  1. Ok, I'll pick up a better cooler as soon as I get some more cash. Thanks for all the help!
  2. I am running linux, I use stress-ng, select the option to load all 4 cores and then use psensor to monitor temps.
  3. I just installed a core 2 Quad Q9400s processor I bought second hand. I am running it on the stock intel cooler, and when running a stress test, the cpu reaches 85 degrees celcius and sits in the 80s. I used cooler master thermal paste which I think is a pretty well known brand. At idle it sits in the low 50s. Is this ok? Did I do something wrong.
  4. I've had no luck with this machine, it's probably a component failure or motherboard problem, something shorting out. rip
  5. I own a very old machine, the HP compaq nx9010. It has 512mb dual channel memory. I power it on, the lights all over the laptop come on for a second, then it immediately powers off. When it isn't powered on, the orange power light is always on, so I guess that means that the machine is getting power and that the charger isn't the issue, I cleaned out the laptop, reapplied thermal paste, but it didn't help. The display also doesn't come on during that 1 second of on time. I also switched out the ram with ram from a working machine but it didn't work. I do know that the battery no longer works however when plugged in, it should turn on regardless. I saw some websites suggesting to reset the cmos or something like that, I'm not too sure, and I wouldn't like to re-open the machine and do that only to be brought with that same issue. I didn't pay for the laptop, it was given to me a long time ago, so anything to get it working would be great, since it's broken, what worse could I do anyway. Any suggestions? Edit: I left it on charge overnight and the following morning, the light that was orange has now turned green, but it still refuses to stay on instantly turning off after 1 second.
  6. I turned out needing a firewire cable. It worked just fine.
  7. Ok, I'll give it a shot, how do I uninstal a headset though?
  8. Yes. The microphone just wont work on bionic dog linux, and theres a specific reason I chose bionic dog, and that's for it's low resource consumption, and being based on ubuntu. since my system only has 2gb ram and a core 2 quad.
  9. Can anyone help me get my microphone working on discord, I am using Bionic Dog based on ubuntu 18.04 I reset the voice settings, reinstalled discord. I tried another headset on the pc and it didn't work. However discord in my firefox browser works just fine. But not in the discord app itself. I tried discord in linux mint and it worked fine, something up with bionic dog? Is there a way to get it working. It detects no input device.
  10. Ok, I see so Jabroni, thanks, and thanks to you all for the help, will ask google first next time.
  11. Ok, I see. Not any cables for sale locally which isn't too fantastic.
  12. It a FinePix A340. Its about half an inch in length.