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  1. That is gonna be some damn short cables! Stay tuned for cable making, I'll make it in a tutorial-like format, should be fun to read! It will be fun to make too, because I've never made custom psu cabling before, but I doubt it will be very complicated. We'll see.
  2. Did I just tell you I did something and didn't show a photo of it? Sorry for being such a tease and no, I'm not showing it, it's ugly and I'll most probably fill it with some filler and sand it, (the entire interior of the case will be painted black) so it will look good, even though it won't be visible at all when finished. Anyway, I did a quick mockup of how all the parts will fit inside to get an idea for routing cables, etc. (which will be a royal pain in the butt) and I think it will work. The graphics card in there is a stand-in GTX750, which I had laying around, is actually a decent choice for oldschool gamer. Don't worry though, I'll get RTX2070S later on. All the major parts are in there, but the cooling, oh the cooling will be fun!
  3. Okay, so I removed that feature today only to find out this stupid standoff in the front upper corner is in the way too. Needless to say, I'm a little dissapointed, but the psu needs to be in a very precise position in order to clear all the cables, because psu connectors are kinda chunky for this build. Anyway, I'd like to finish fitting the psu already, because after that I'll be making custom cables, which I sense will be more fun.
  4. Hello, sorry for quite the lengthy break, life got kinda busy. Anyway, this is how the bay ended up, there is no more material to take off Now I need to remove this pointless feature that used to be right behind the cpu socket. Belt grinder should make quick work of that. Also there are some problems coming; I can't seem to find any half decent cable combs, (I order these little things from aliexpress) and I still don't know how to go about the front I/O. I might just rip out some from an old case that I have laying around.
  5. Also I have ordered some more parts for this build, so the progress might slow down until they arrive.
  6. Here's next update. Not much has happened, I'm still working on the drive bay, which will have to be cut out even more. Here is the current state of the bay, the near side from this perspective will have to be cut down to allow moving the psu closer to the front of the case in order to clear psu connectors. This is how the psu will be positioned: The power connector is really close to the front, but I think I'll be able to get connectors which will lay flat and won't stick out too much. Bigger problem will be the front I/O, (I want it to be functional too) which is not just bulky, but also has proprietary connector and I have no clue on how to solve that. I thought about ripping it out and using new front I/O assembly, but It's impossible to find something that fits 100%. I might have to get just the usbs and make something up, but I'm not super psyched about all the soldering. Feel free to propose any ideas.
  7. Nicely done! I really hope I will be able to get that card, it's the smallest 2070S I know of, and even that is pretty much the biggest card I can fit in there. I could still go with Galax 2070, but I'd really like a Super card in there.
  8. Thank You, this one is second to smallest out of four sizes I believe. Space is really tight, but I kinda have it layed out in my mind, I'll just wait for all the problems to arrive Like the fact that the graphics card I want to use (Zotac RTX2070Super Mini) is nowhere to be found, just Zotac official website... ?
  9. The power supply fits in too! Wait, oh sh!t... Well, I need to butcher that bay some more I guess...
  10. Next step will be cutting out the bottom of 3.5" bay to fit in the power supply. That will be faster, because it's a much smaller piece, much more manageable on the bench and it fits in my vice. The bay will still be able to hold a 3.5" hard drive, but not with the psu in there at the same time.
  11. Okay, motherboard is in! Even though the fit isn't the best and the I/O shield intersects the mesh part, it holds rock solid. Of course, no one will ever notice the ROG logo on the back of an old Dell sff
  12. I am sorry, I know I'm late. Machining sheet metal just suuucks. Fortunately this is the only big modification to the case.
  13. So I cut out the original I/O, and damn, I didn't expect that steel to be that hard. I'll fit the I/O shield tomorrow (hopefully). Motherboard still doesn't quite fit, original I/O panel was shorter than standard.
  14. No holes will be cut in the case (it's a sleeper after all) and big part of the front panel is perforated, which helps a lot. Cooling will be tricky, but I have trick that will (hopefully) work. I am fitting the I/O shield right now, should be done later today. Btw, anyone knows when Zotac 2070 Super mini will be available? That is what I am planning to use in here, but it seems nowhere to be bought.
  15. Yup, it has the same hole layout, which helps quite a lot.