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  1. I can't seem to receive my passkey, I tried 3 different emails and got nothing. I also seem to be having trouble getting CPU jobs. They crashed after 10-15 minutes earlier in the day, but now I don'T have anything.
  2. Hey, Recently I bought a pair of Senheiser Hd1s off of amazon during the prime day sale. I have been using them since then and already had to send to be changed because of various issues. Now, the new pair has another set of issues, mainly with it having trouble keeping a "clean" signal with my Pixel 2 in my pocket. One of the selling points for me was that it claimed to be able to play audio from multiple sources. It can, just not at the same time, which is what I am looking for. I have been searching but cannot find anything, as I don't know much about audio. Here are what I would be looking for: Audio from multiple devices at once; i.e., Youtube on my PC, music from my phone and whatever else from my laptop, all at once no switching. While this is the most important for me I am willing to let it go if switching from one device to another is done by me without turning the headphones off or entering bluetooth setting via a switch or something. Doesn't look cheap, I don't really want plasticky headphones Will last for a while (3-10 years) Not "too" expensive, in the 400-600$ range. Willing to splurge a bit more if it's justifiable. If it's cheaper, great. Decent battery life, I'd like at least 10-12 hours, as I listen to music all day. Bonus Internet points if I can order it from amazon.ca Thanks to whomever has suggestions.
  3. Yeah, this is the case I ended up going with.
  4. True, but it's an ATX case, i'm looking for something inthe itx/microATX range, and I did consider the fractal minis.
  5. Hi, I've recently managed to resurrect my old i7-3770 with a new H61 board off of ebay. I am looking for an itx or microATX case that can support 4-6 drives(or more) to setup an unraid server. Most of the cases I have seen are microATX and somewhat big, does anyone have a recommendation for such a purpose, what I really want is the drives and for the case to not be too big. I don't want an sever rack case, as they are too big for me. Are there any particularly popular raid cards for such a purpose ? I am in Canada. Thanks, EDIT: I ended up going with the node 304.
  6. I was able to play GTA 5 on a G3258 it was overclocked to 4.5ghz. However, if I played custom music, whenever a track would change, the game would more or less freeze for 3 seconds. The online experience wasn't a problem. I played for over 35 hours and didn't have a cpu related crash. The only crash I had was linked to a problem caused by enabling the go to game and skip the menu option. It's probably been fixed now, but I don't know.
  7. I played GTA 5 on a Pentium G3258 and a GTX 650TI boost for about 70 hours, offline and online. I used the suggested NVIDIA graphics options and had no trouble, unless I used the self-radio where whenever a song would change there was lag. as far as FC4 goes, I have no idea. EDIT: I was running my G3258 at 4.4ghz
  8. Sorry for double post. Page did not load Might as well use this post, the software was called Spacesniffer. I use it to check what files are big and what takes a lot of room and decides whatever needs to be cleaned up.
  9. I remember there was a tool that mapped your hardrive that linus showed off at some point, let me try to find it. I will edit my post once I do.
  10. I got into computers at the age of 2 or 3(for gaming) but started being really interested in what was inside computers only around 5 or 6 years ago. I'm not so sure, but I think it was simply because I used to spend 90% of my time gaming on my crappy laptop and I was tired of not knowing what was inside, so I got a pre-built "gaming" computer (gotta love them gt620, super great gaming card...). I later got a gtx650ti of magical boost of +10 name length. Then 8 months ago my i7 diededed and it was when I used the knowledge I had gathered to build a "whole new" computer(still waiting on broadwell...).
  11. I will just say that I read a bunch of reviews about this drive on newegg and a really frequent comment is that this drive failed within 2-3 often.
  12. is it me or is it excessively cheap, maybe i'm just used to canadian prices tho.
  13. Hi guys, So, for a while I've been running a steelseries sensei raw orange without issues. But recently, i've been having issues. When I scroll down, the mouse will send a scroll up order periodically making it so that instead of slowly going trhough a wall of text, or anything really, the screen will just scoll up. It even does this when I'm at the bottom of pages, I keep scrolling down and whoops, it goes up and starts going down again. I do run steelseries engine v3(I hate it but whatever, v2 was better) and the drivers are up to date(a.k.a. i'm running the 2006-06-21 HID mouse drivers from Microsoft. I tried extracting the drivers from the steelseries engine installer, but I got two .exe that dont seem to do anything and steelseries doesn't let you get the drivers alone. I tried running my mouse from the back of my computer, from the front I/O and from a hub and nothing happened, still have the issue. If anyone has a fix other than attempting an RMA and hoping that UPS wont take more money from me, please tell me, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: I can confirm that the mouse sends a scroll up order by using x-mouse button controll to verify. EDIT 2: I remembered I had an old mouse lying around. the problem is within the steelseries mouse.