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  1. I thought the pins would be different. It is Casper Nirvana f650 but I doubt you can find any information in English about that.
  2. I have an m.2 slot in my laptop but I'm not sure what types of m.2 it supports.
  3. I have 1tb ssd and 1tb hdd right now I don't wanna lose my stuff on the hdd tbh
  4. I tried chkdsk /f-r and sfc scan both didn't find anything, is there any software you're recommanding
  5. When I try to launch a program on disc D such as steam it takes so long to launch and games don't respond. Writing speed seems fine but disc is reading really slow, disc usage is usually 0.1MB/s disc C is (ssd) works perfectly but "d" is unusable right now, what might be the issue it just happened suddenly
  6. Just what I'm looking for mic is fantastic, thank you.
  7. I want a headset that doesn't look like a toy and has a decent microphone. I'm currently considering to buy Corsair HS50. Microphone is my priority right now, I'd like to hear your recommandations around 40-70$ range.
  8. When this problem occured I tried reinstalling keyboard drivers but some keys such as "e, s, b, j, backspace, enter, delete" are not working. At first when I press one of these keys they were spamming random letters (asdewvk jluhgjjn hexgv) but now they are not giving any respond at all. I want to know what might be the reason.
  9. Thank you for all the answers really helped a lot
  10. Btw what is all the hate about Romer-G switches on internet. I've never used a mechanical keyboard before I'm really curious why some people really hate those switches is it just feeling or any durability issues
  11. I really liked how it looks and build quality looks decent probably ill go with this keyboard, but i just saw that Logitech G810 currently has a nice discount going on in my country, by paying little bit more i can buy that instead, what are your thoughts on G810. Are differences between g413 and g810 huge or is it just rgb
  12. I'll buy a keyboard to use with my laptop, i dont want to spend so much on keyboard since it'll be for my laptop im looking for keyboards under 60$. I really liked the look of Cooler Master MasterKeys and im actually considering to buy it but it lacks of macro keys. Im open to any suggestions also i'd like to know if anyone recommends cooler master masterkeys is it any good. So far my choices are Cooler Master MasterKeys Razer Cynosa Chroma Corsair K55