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  1. It looks amazing, I'll consider it and I'll most likely buy it I can afford any, as long as it is not overkill for my system.
  2. I have Ryzen 5 3600 and rtx2060, I want to upgrade to a trustworthy psu, current one I'm using is working no problem but it's not a fancy brand(I don't remember the brand but it's not something worth discussing). I want to upgrade my psu to something that will be safe and decent. What would you guys recommend.
  3. Couple days ago a lightning hit couple metres away from house, I lost all the power for 2 seconds and as a result my modem and gpu fried, socket that my monitors was connected to burnt and it is not working anymore. I want to know what exatly fried my gpu, can it be my ethernet cable since my modem was also burnt or is it possible my monitor's hdmi cable carried the surge to my gpu since the burnt socket was connected to the monitor. I want to prevent same thing happening so I want to figure out what might be the reason and how can I protect my devices.
  4. Lately I've been planning on buying a monitor. Up until past couple days I've been thinking about LG 27QN600-B 27" this 27" 1440p monitor. But ultrawide monitors caught my attention and since I use my pc to mostly play singleplay games and do editing/digital arts ultrawide seemed a better option. LG 29WN600-W 29" is the only ultrawide ips monitor I found in my budget range. But I'm curious, is 1080p ultrawide monitor even worth using or should I save more and buy a more expensive better ultrawide monitor If I want to benefit from ultrawide monitors. Would 1080p be a bad option for such mo
  5. I'll use it for games mainly. If I buy this system instead of building a new one next year I am planning to upgrade this over time. But I'm not sure if it is a system worth upgrading. What I plan is I'll use it for a year or two then upgrade gpu to a newer gpu, gtx 3000 or rx 6000 and later upgrading my cpu and motherboard. I need some opinions on this, since I don't think I'll be able to get my hands on newer gpus anytime soon. By the way I'm not aiming for 4k, I'll most likely use a 1080p monitor or 1440p at best case. Right now my machine is i5 7200U and gt940mx laptop so I don't ha
  6. I was planning to build a pc early 2021 but due to the gpu shortage I can't find any RTX 20-30 or RX 50-60 graphics card for a reasonable price. So far only decent pre-built pc I come across in my country is this one on the screenshot. All the newer gpu pre-built pcs are way too expensive. I am planning to get a pc I will use for a year or two before I upgrade to last gen. Is this system powerful enough to carry me through next year or should I wait couple months and build a pc with better hardware.
  7. I thought the pins would be different. It is Casper Nirvana f650 but I doubt you can find any information in English about that.
  8. I have an m.2 slot in my laptop but I'm not sure what types of m.2 it supports.
  9. I have 1tb ssd and 1tb hdd right now I don't wanna lose my stuff on the hdd tbh
  10. I tried chkdsk /f-r and sfc scan both didn't find anything, is there any software you're recommanding
  11. When I try to launch a program on disc D such as steam it takes so long to launch and games don't respond. Writing speed seems fine but disc is reading really slow, disc usage is usually 0.1MB/s disc C is (ssd) works perfectly but "d" is unusable right now, what might be the issue it just happened suddenly
  12. Just what I'm looking for mic is fantastic, thank you.
  13. I want a headset that doesn't look like a toy and has a decent microphone. I'm currently considering to buy Corsair HS50. Microphone is my priority right now, I'd like to hear your recommandations around 40-70$ range.