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  1. NikitaSch


    Ok thanks !do you know if the sound will be from tv or laptop if I plug them with a hdmi-vga cable
  2. NikitaSch


    Hey guys ,I have an old 2009 laptop with a broken screen.And screen replacement is expensive and not worth in my opinion.so,I thought about plugging the laptop to my tv.If i do this will this affect my performance?
  3. OK thanks.I will try to replace the psu.Sadly in My County we get components made in russia/china.here we dont have evga,corsair.Only known psu company that delivers in my County is seasonic
  4. OK thanks.what about 1650 or 1050ti?
  5. I mean,i wont buy a 1000dollar gpu for a 6100 that i wont Even upgrade.Someone recomended me rx570.Is Any difference between 570 and 580?Would it bottleneck?
  6. 500w ITS a Russian brand(I live in eastern europe) But ITS Certified 80%
  7. NikitaSch

    I3 6100

    Hello guys,i have an 4 y.o pc with i3 6100 8gb of ram and a radeon r7 360.I Want to give this pc to My brother.hes 8y.o So he doesnt play competitive or AAA+ Games.I Want to upgrade My gpu because this is not good enough for 1080p gaming.Some gpu sugestions for 1080p gaming and without bottlenecking the i3 6100.My brother ussualy plata Roblox,fortnite,some co-op games line raft and the forest.
  8. I forgot to say that.Yes i am connected through ethernet
  9. Hello,I have an old router that I've used for 8 years.My ISP provides 100mgbs through optic fiber.I have around 60 ping on every game on pc.If I buy a new router will the new router have less ping in games than the old router?I'm sorry for the bad english!
  10. Hello,5 yeas ago my dad bought me a computer with 8gb ram,i3 6100 and a radeon r7 360 oc and a samsung monitor:samsung LS22F350FHUXEN.One day i searched threw my graphics card setting and found this setting: FreeSync.I searched the web to find if this monitor is compactibile with amd freesync, and it is "compactibile" but doesnt work for me.Does my graphics card dont support freesync or i need to enable in my monitor settings?
  11. Hello,today i got my pair of air pods and i was very excited.I dont have bluetooth on my pc ,so i searched and found this:Bluetooth Adapter Gembird BTD-MINI5.Can i connect my airpods to my pc with this bluetooth adapter?
  12. Hello,I have a question.Since I want to build a pc for gaming I went with Ryzen 5 3600 and a b450-m board(I will buy these components).I searched and found that b450-m support Ryzen gen 3 but the motherboard needs a bios update.Do I need a Ryzen gen 2 CPU to update the bios then install the r5 3600?I just don't understand.
  13. So,you say that I can game with integrated GPU till the new nvidia gpus are on the market?
  14. Hey guys,since in a few weeks it's my birthday I want to build a new pc.I already have one but it's slow and it's not worth upgrading it.So,what's the best cpu-gpu-motherboard combo?The other parts like psu,ram and case I will get on my own.I want this pc for playing newer games like cyberpunk2077,rdr2,resident evil 3 and 2 and others.And no,I don't need storage because I have 500gb SSD and 1tb hdd in my pc right now.
  15. Hello,I have an old laptop hp 6830s. When I use it it's pretty laggy so,I decided to change from win7 32bit to win 10 64bit .And yes,it supports 64 bit architecture but I don't know if it will run smoother.Should I change the win to 10 64bit or leave it to win7 32bit?
  16. NikitaSch


    I was lucky finding a 5$ Witcher 3 Goty Edition BUT,there are rumours that the game will be free after few weeks on epicstore.Is it worth getting it for 5$?
  17. I found a pretty good router tp link arch c6 for my 100 mgbs plan.I watched some videos about this router an some say it's good,some say after a few months it stops working or keep turning on and off.What do you guys think about this router?