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  1. Vega is supposed to be this month or next. Volta, probably a year out.
  2. I played some club penguin back in the day, then Runescape took over, then my brother introduced me to Minecraft when it was in Alpha. I similarly lost interest a few years ago, and the only game that has really stuck since was Rocket League. It might be a side effect of going from High school into College, but I can't just sit down and play for hours and hours to get the immersion factor I used to love out of those games. Minecraft in 5 minute intervals was never really fun, it was the 6 hour sessions of "Oh! Just one more block!" that I loved. So the fact that I can get so drawn into a game of Rocket League and go beginning to end in 5-6 minutes, or as long as I would like, makes it ideal for me, but of course, YMMV.
  3. Today was a good day. I got into the class that was keeping me from graduating on time, and got a test grade bumped up 15%! 10/10, would have Wednesday again/

  4. As someone who has taken differential equations...
  5. Specs are pretty necessary, do you have an overclock on your CPU or GPU?
  6. I'd go 3200Mhz, Link below http://www.legitreviews.com/ddr4-memory-scaling-intel-z170-finding-the-best-ddr4-memory-kit-speed_170340/6
  7. I had this issue in my PC on Doom in any API, I have a 980Ti, but also had a Quadro 600 installed. Whenever I launched Doom, the Quadro would leap in and try to run the game. (Ever had a GPU bottle neck so bad it made the game take 10 minutes to load?) My solution was to just go into device manager and disable the Quadro during gaming. That worked for me anyway, YMMV.
  8. I have no real experience with the x71, but it looks pretty nice for water cooling from the marketing a least. Phanteks makes nice cases too, I use an Enthoo Luxe, and love it for watercooling, but it will only take 1 360 rad and 1 240 rad. As far as soft tubing goes, you could use it to pipe the basement of your system, but bear in mind that you'll need different fittings for that.
  9. The misplayed is what separates the power supply from the rest of the case. It depends how you want to get through that plate.
  10. my guess is 10 if your case has no mid-plate, 14 if it does, plus 2 pass-through fittings if it has a mid-plate.
  11. If you haven't done hardline before, I'd get quite a bit. Maybe 3-4 meters of tubing. I used 2 meters in my loop. As far as fans go, make sure you get high static pressure fans. EK Vardar fans are a good choice, so are corsair SP fans, but I'd get ones that have a higher RPM since you can tune them to run slower, but you can't make slow fans run fast.
  12. Totally preference based, but you have a large case and few components, so I'd go 16mm. It really helps fill out the case and cure hardware dwarfism. I usually run 14mm though, but it can be hard to find that diameter.
  13. The general rule of thumb is that you need 120mm of rad space for every component in your loop, plus 120mm rad space for every component you plan to overclock. Anything past that is just optimizing for temperature an silence. I run a 980Ti+5820k, and get pretty good thermals on a 360+240, so you'll be golden there. Do you have static pressure fans? Have you decided what diameter tubing you want to run? You might also cross-check pricing with performance-pcs.com , that's where I buy my stuff.
  14. reservoir size is entirely up to you, but 250 is a pretty happy middle ground. Only real comment is that the res you chose is made to have the pump mounted to the bottom. That's fine, but if you do that, there is no need to buy a pump housing, and could save a few bucks.
  15. Alright, just be careful, as the M01 won't work for the FTW and the M04 won't work for the Super Clocked. It doesn't matter so much if it is clear or black, just as long as you get your pump from a reputable company. Make sure it is a Laing DDC, most reputable brands (Alphacool, EK, Swiftech, etc) are just rebrands.
  16. So it's not the FTW? Just the ACX 3.0 or ACX3.0 SC? In that case, it is a reference card and the M01 you linked at first is correct.
  17. Other than that though, for a 6800k + 1080, you should probably get at least a 360 rad, preferably more. In the x71, you might go with a 360 at the top, plus one in the basement. I would then pick up a DDC pump, a Reservoir, and for fittings, a minimum of 2 compression fittings per component. From there, you might want to get an idea of what direction you want your pipes to run, and choose right angle fittings accordingly. Then, you'll need a drain at the bottom, so I'd pick up a T-fitting, a rotary straight male-male fitting, and a ball valve drain port. I personally have a similar setup to this, and also included a temp sensor, since they act as a plug for empty slots anyway and only cost like... $10.
  18. No prob, but the FTW is also non-reference, so you'll need the M04 https://www.alphacool.com/shop/grafikkartenkuehler/nvidia-fullsize/21560/alphacool-nexxxos-gpx-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-m04-mit-backplate-schwarz
  19. That GPU block appears at first look to be for reference GTX 1080s, I'm pretty certain that the strix is non-reference. Edit: Yep, you want the M05, not the M01 https://www.alphacool.com/shop/grafikkartenkuehler/nvidia-fullsize/21562/alphacool-nexxxos-gpx-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-m05-mit-backplate-schwarz
  20. I may have also grabbed one or two or 5 of these last night... highway robbery. love it.
  21. Gold and blue together looks a bit... tacky... based on the clear fans, my guess is that they light up too, which adds to the tackiness IMHO... If they ditched the Gold lion thing, or even just went with blue for it, I'd say it looks fine
  22. Agreed, Overwatch is pretty well optimized for GPUs, Overclock the Q6600 and report back!
  23. Well... Rest in peace Deep Thought... You were a great computer...

  24. I'm pretty sure i'm just 100% boned, and there is nothing I can do about it... I'm kinda hoping someone has some brilliant idea that for no god damn reason fixes everything... Guess GoJo hand soap isn't such a great lube huh?
  25. I suppose there is about as good a place as any to start, but I am kinda bad about warranty voiding... Like, for instance, I painted the heatsinks on the Motherboard to match my theme, and the 980Ti has a water block on it... The Quadro is just gonna end up a loss, since it is pretty old...