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  1. Really Kali Linux, my username to log in needs to be root, but nowhere in your installation does it indicate that. So I've just been freaking out over my account's name and password not being correct and clean installing on the system 3 times for no reason.


    Sometimes I wonder if IT was really the correct career path in moments like these.

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    2. veldora


      Parrot does that too I think 

    3. pierom_qwerty


      Honestly, i feel like Kali shouldn't be used by actually hackers...Everything is served to you on a silver platter and a lot of it also has a gui...the least you can be complaining about is that the default username isnt root, also surprised you didnt even try to search it up...


      And dont even get me started on arch...

    4. The_Prycer


      I looked it up after I triple checked why the username password combination I had been inputting still wasn't working. Why ask me to choose a username if I just have to use "root" to login instead? It doesn't follow basic account creation protocol.