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  1. MollyXD

    Trouble with WiFi and Internet

    seems like you just need better rage on your wifi, the solution is to move your router or get an access point.
  2. MollyXD

    Recommendations for power line adapter?

    powerline aint a very good option as they degrade speed and signal alot as they aint made for internet transfer., you could make a shorter run of ethernet to another access point for better coverage but otherwise, unless you make a run through your walls or something there not much better you can do unless you want to try a different router than your current one
  3. MollyXD

    Thunderbolt Networking two Windows 10 Laptops

    if you have a old hub/modem you could configure it to act as a switch
  4. MollyXD

    New web browser

    That chews ram
  5. MollyXD

    New web browser

    well you're gonna get almost the same experience on all browsers apart from the classic IE as they are all using chromium as there base, idk if firefox is different but they all chew ram so I don't think you're gonna have much luck
  6. MollyXD

    Redirect URL with Nginx

    i don't really get what you're trying to do here as why don't you just do a redirect straight from the link instead of using a dns and domain that you have no access to. fell free to correct me if i ain't getting what you're putting down
  7. MollyXD

    Thunderbolt Networking two Windows 10 Laptops

    I think there are more elegant solutions that internet sharing, like the post above, says you could buy an adaptor or just use wireless as its a laptop. looks for easy outcomes dont stress your self with overcomplicated solutions. Frankly, it just might be windows and macOS not playing ball.
  8. MollyXD

    Cisco goes Apple route for "ownership"

    after their IOS software got hacked to hell and mocked they shut all their software up so you need invoices and other crap to even get the software. go with Ubiquiti or something cuz messing with old cisco gear is a pain in the ass sometimes imposable