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  1. Alright so i need something thats probably a little bit creative. In order to do some work at a customer i need to connects to a device that has a rj45 port. i need to connect to it via my mobile network as if i'm connected locally to it. So what i want do do is create a vpn server on a raspberry pi in combination with a Huawei usb modem with a sim card. The device i need a local connection to will connect to the raspberry with a cat5e cable and my phone will connect to the VPN server that is running on the pi. I think i need to install pfsense on the raspberry to make it possible for the usb modem to talk with the rj45 port on the raspberry. Anybody here that has ever tried this before or who is willing to help? its pretty time sensitive (need it in a few days and i have only a few hours to make it work beforehand) Grtz Rob