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  1. No way to do much of anything in bios
  2. Recently installed new ram (g.skill 16gb 3200 MHz up from 8gb 2133 mhz). And also a new boot drive Samsung 970evo 1tb in my sisters hp consumer desktop. It worked fine upon initial boot but she is now not able to boot her pc. What did I manage to screw up? Any help would be nice, thank you.
  3. Yeah i did look through and I didn't seen any big leeches but I should have looked harder and it currently has the 2200g in it I was wondering what to replace with instead(if need be) will probly need internal graphics still
  4. My sister uses Photoshop for her business on this machine and she needs some upgrades the first thing I decided on was going to 16gb 3200mhz ram easy upgrade since she was using almost all 8 gigs at idle if I can fit an SSD in it I want to do that but what else can I do. Limited by the fact that it's an hp and power supply is small what's possible can I possibly put in a new cpu? If so what would be a good fit? Is there a way to get a bigger power supply? I haven't dug into it yet but I presume many things are proprietary. Basically what's a good path. Staying in this chassis because...ya know.
  5. Also the only things the thin client will recognize if any key is pushed is a, e, m, 3, and page up
  6. So I have a corsair k68 I took to work to use but the key does not input correctly example backspace=A so we run thin clients and due to the nature of my job I can not download anything so I need help hoping you guys have the answer