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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
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    ASUS ROG Strix x470-F Gaming
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)
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    RTX 2080 FE
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    Corsair Carbide Series 500R Arctic White Steel
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    Samsung 850 EVO 2.5 250GB / WD 2TB HDD
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    Seasonic G Series SSR-650RM
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    Stock ryzen cooler
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech G502 Hero
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    Windows 10

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  1. Doesn't sound like you need one, unless you want to play some exclusives like mario kart, smash bros, BOTW, etc. I personally love mine because I travel a lot for work. I have an xbox one x and I play the Switch more. I like laying in bed next to the wife playing. Your PS4 has the better controller, better library of games (unless you want nintendo exclusives), performance is better, and graphics are better.
  2. I get that way sometimes. I'll just sit at my computer and look at my various game libraries and be like, "I just...don't want to play anything". It's kinda weird isn't it? I have all these games and sometimes just have no drive to play any of them. Even the more casual ones that don't require a whole lot of thought or games I know really well, like Overwatch or something. I just make myself play sometimes. Like I got Metro Exodus as a bonus when I bought my 2080. Took me forever to start playing it. I just couldn't be bothered, even though I heard all kinds of great things about it and to test the RTX abilities of my new card. I made myself play it one day and got hooked on it.
  3. Remedy's Control is an amazing game. I have yet to come across a game I've been so engrossed in where it's hard to play anything else. I'm a PC gamer that has always loved ground-breaking graphics, thinking that video games are a work of art on the part of developers on how they try to build their world. It's a psychological thriller. I've had game consoles since the Super Nintendo. My first PC I built with my dad was a windows 95 machine. So having most consoles since the super nintendo and PC's since windows 95, I can say this is the first game I've played where I want to find every secret and read every bit of lore. It's absolutely fascinating in every regard. Reading about objects of power, crazy world events, character interactions whether through reading or listening. The NPC's are interesting as well, which for me is a hard sell. Many times NPC's will be over-acted or have some kind of dumb personality trait to differentiate them. Dr. Darling in his videos are REALLY well done! What a superbly acted character. It's a world where it feels like the government agency you isn't wholly evil or good, or even tries to lean towards one idea or the other. It's really nice and refreshing to play a game like that, where it's not "player character" vs "evil government agency" or other typical plotline. It's very gray and logical, it makes sense, which is cool for a very supernatural kind of game. The Gameplay. Gameplay is usually one of the big things people throw around very beautiful, graphics heavy games. "Wow looks great, too bad gameplay sucks". You know, that kind of thing you read about on Reddit or forums. The gameplay is addictive. You unlock abilities as the game progresses, and those abilities can be upgraded to have different effects. It's the kind of character I play in something like Skyrim, 1 handed sword and magic in the other hand. That kind of thing. The whole environment is destructive and looks properly obliterated after an intense battle. Floors get torn up. Glass is SUPER impressive. With RTX ON, characters properly reflect and is incredibly impressive when it explodes, gets shot up. And it has real gameplay elements that hide secrets from the player, or enemies can't be seen because of a glare or reflection. Your throw ability is incredibly cool. You can pick up objects behind an enemy and it will smack them in the head, killing them and still allowing you to throw it to kill someone else. Your gun is really neat in how it works. This is one of those games where graphics can really help the gameplay side. The physics on all the objects. Like there are office parts of the game where there are a bunch of cubicles. You can mow through the walls to make your own hallway. The game just oozes cool. I've never been so engrossed by a game. It has it's problems for sure. Like DLSS can really make it blurry, so needs some fine-tuning. But it really improves FPS. The hitching needs to be addressed. It happens randomly and it's like a slight stutter. I've had the game crash maybe a couple of times on me, but it's usually within the first 5 minutes of playing for some reason. I just relaunch it and it's fine for the rest of the time I play, which is usually a few hours. Check out the video Digital Foundry did for the PC version: The video also has some recommended settings to get the most out of it.
  4. Yeah I suppose, I guess. Jumping is always a thing in fps's though. Overwatch you jump a lot, call of duty, etc. But in quake you have acceleration, b-hopping etc. In quake jumping correctly is super important to reach ledges. People just jump in bf5 to stop getting hit. Like being stung by bees, lol.
  5. How is BFV like Quake? Quake is an arena shooter. TTK is small, accuracy is extremely important. Management of power weapons. It's very squad based. You got tanks and airplanes. Maybe you played Rush? Rush is infantry v infantry. Play Conquest, that's where you get the vehicles and the "true" battlefield experience.
  6. #lostforumuser Anyway, Call of Duty Mobile is pretty good. Very smooth and the gameplay is nice. It's actually a bit incredible to see some full maps in there. Like legit maps from the big brother CoD's. Controls are nice and the auto-fire one is decently tuned as well, which was surprising. Fortnite is still amazing on a phone. I mean a giant 100man game running at 60 FPS? Still incredible.
  7. Destiny 2 gets a solid recommendation. There's a LOT to play for free. After you spend the many hours getting through the free content, you can shovel up the dough for the expansions, which don't cost as much as a brand new game and add a lot to it. ALSO Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets an easy recommendation. It's often on sale and they've been adding stuff to the game like crazy. It's a stunning looking game and honestly quite fun. The story is pretty alright too. Not the best, but a neat take as it's kinda like a civil war in the empire.
  8. 1660 Ti would be an excellent buy if you can spare an extra $30: Amazon Link. There's also used ones listed on that page for ~$260. There's been some excellent coverage of the 1660 Ti from several tech youtubers such as Linus, jayztwocents, and gamers nexus if you're looking for some performance analysis.
  9. The human eye can definitely tell the difference. Just by comparing two monitors on the windows desktop. Have a 60 hz monitor and a 144hz monitor. Move the mouse around, drag some windows. There's a large difference. It's also a difference you can feel. It's hard to put into words but when you use something of a much higher frame rate like going from 60 to 144, there's a big difference.
  10. I didn't know Borderlands 3 was badly optimized. It runs excellent on my hardware, but that could be because my stuff is fairly high-end. I haven't completed the game yet, but so far it's been a lot of fun. The story is well-written so far, and the characters are suitably borderlandsy. I'm not sure what was so bothersome with the loot in your OP, but it's pretty much the same. Lots and lots of loot, tons of guns and other crap. The items are much more varied, doing a lot of different things. For example, in Borderlands 2 the shields only had a few effects like: turtle (massive shield, reduced health), spike damage, explosion on depletion, and like 1 or 2 more I can't remember. Now the shields can absorb bullets, you can project your shield, etc etc. This is one of the best games when it comes to loot. They give you a lot of it. You have choices upon choices. The vault hunters you can play as are pretty awesome as well. The Siren can do some sick shit with her powers. You finally feel like a magical badass. You got a dude who has pets you can sic on people. I'm currently playing as him. The skill-trees are better. You can augment your powers now with different effects.
  11. Battlefield 5 is a lot of fun. They just added a Metro map, just like in the good ole days. Close quarters mayhem. People will say that BFV is trash or not as good as previous ones. But I really like it. They've really improved upon it since release. It also has it's own battle royale mode if you're into that. It's a stunning, beautiful game that has a LOT of QOL improvements over previous installations. Star Wars Battlefront II. Yeah, the one that caused the whole microtransaction controversy. The dumb microtransactions are gone. It's gorgeous. And all the updates have been free. They've added a TON since release. They've added grevious, anakin, obi wan, captain phasma, and more. They added droidekas and some other units. It's a darn good time for a long time. If you want something brand new, there's Borderlands 3. It's really fun and polished.
  12. Mass Effect KOTOR 1 & 2 Unreal Tournament Warcraft 3 + TFT Call of Duty 1 + Expansion on PC Doom 2016 GTA: V Portal 1 and 2 Borderlands 2 Battlefield 5
  13. Alright cool guys, thanks for the info. @trufret I wanted to stay on the cheaper side of VR, since I don't want to do some crazy setup yet and just wanted a more simple VR experience. The Rift S sounds perfect. @jones177 Awesome thanks for the heads up on the app for fallout 4. It will suck using a controller, but also interested in how it will work. I tried so hard to get my GearVR to work with PC. There is a way to get it to work, by sideloading some certain apps and such, but I could never get it to work properly and it was so frustrating.
  14. Thank you. I have a throttle and stick for Elite Dangerous, but sometimes I do enjoy going back to the keyboard because with these new updates to the game, there's a LOT more bindings now and sometimes it's just plain frustrating to use a stick and throttle. That's also good information. I'll check out the Oculus Rift S. I'll also have to check up on skyrimvr and fallout 4 vr to make sure I can use them with m+kb. All I want to do is be able to chill in my chair and stare around the world of skyrim and such. I'm at work right now and it's hard to find a non-blocked site.
  15. Hello forum creatures! So I have wanted a VR for a long time. But I don't really want one that does all the roomscale stuff. I want a decent headset that plugs into my computer so I can play SkyrimVR, Fallout 4 VR, and Elite Dangerous VR while using my keyboard and mouse. I have the original gearvr when I had an S8 and tried using that on my PC with BigScreen, which is honestly freaking amazing. But the lag was just too much. Most of the VR's I've seen are the room scale ones, phone VR's, or self-contained ones (onboard memory, not attached to PC or phone). Any recommendations would be welcome! Thanks fellas!