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  1. Yeah, i mean. It doensn't have the RBG Fusion 2.0 sticker in the box, so it might not have rgb. Oh well
  2. Yeah, I'm using it right now. I'll try to update the bios, and see if it resolves the issue
  3. Hey, I bought a gigabyte rtx 2070 super, and I can't turn on the logo rgb light. I've installed the RBG Fusion 2.0, and it seems to detect the card, but doesn't turn on the led. (But changes my trident z's colour). Do you guys know if there's any version of this card that doesn't have rgb maybe ? Has anyone been able to fix this issue ? Thanks for the help
  4. It worked after I cleared the CMOS. Managed to install the new bios as well Thanks
  5. I don't think it was updating, because I only entered flash mode, still hadn't chosen the file or anything And how can I do that? I can't get into the BIOS
  6. I bought a Ryzen 3600 and a MSI B450 Carbon AC. I noticed my voltages were at 1.4v while at idle, so I decided to update my BIOS to the newest version. I downloaded it, did the standard procedure, and went into the bios, clicked in the M Flash mode, and then, nothing appeared, only a black screen, I waited for a couple of minutes, but nothing happened. I decided to shut it down, and try again, but now my pc won't post, I can't even get into the bios. Did I just brick my board ? Do you guys have any suggestions ?
  7. I'm sorry, but I'm a freaking noob. I don't really know how to force EFI booting and UEFI stuff first on CSM. I don't know if the Windows Installer was launched in Legacy Mode, but there's a setting that says something along these lines "Legacy / UEFI" or "UEFI", I don't know if you're referring to this. Anyways, I managed to install, and boot from the NVME drive with that setting set to Legacy/UEFI, even though it still doesn't show up in the Boot options as a drive, only as a Windows Boot something, I cant remember the exact name, but it boots. I tried doing the same thing with it set to UEFI only, but then it keeps booting into the USB drive.
  8. Hi guys, I bought some new components (3600, b450 carbon ac, kingston a2000 nvme ssd). After assembling everything, I went to the bios, and select my usb drive as the boot option (windows media creation tool), and then selected the ssd as the installation device, and it started doing its thing. When it finished installing, it kept going into the Windows Setup, so I went to the BIOS, and the SSD is not showing up as a boot option, any ideas why ? I have it hooked up to the first m2 slot on the mobo, and I have a hard drive connected via sata as well.
  9. Yeah, in some games the same 2080 really takes the cake, but the RX 5700xt really catches up in some titles like FH4, and in addition to that, it's fairly new so its performance can and will improve. Just like the rx580, Which is now almost competing with the 1070.
  10. yeah I know, but since I can buy one with some extra juice, I rather go with that and have power to spare, and that way I have enough to upgrade in the future.
  11. Well, since you were one of the people who created that list, you definetly know your stuff. Thanks for you suggestion
  12. Hey guys, I'm gonna buy a new PSU soon, which one do you think I should buy ? I know Seasonic PSU's are really good, especially that one, but I don't know anything about Bitfenix PSU's even though in these 2 threads (below) they're both in the High End tier. The thing is, is 650W enough even for the future, or should I get some more headroom and go with the 750W unit since it's just as good as the seasonic one. My Rig : Ryzen 5 3600 RX 5700XT / RTX 2080 (still trying to decide) Since I want to use it for a lot of years, I'll probably throw more powerful components at it Thanks for your help
  13. Unfortunatly the guy had already sold it when I contacted him to make the deal, but I'll try and I'll be on the watch for nice deals on a 2080. If I can't, I'll just end up buying the RX5700XT NITRO+. Thanks for your help!