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  1. I don't know if i can do it for the CPU, if I have enough paste. And I have tried pushing all power connnectors and RAM in, with no luck...
  3. PLEASE HELP ME MY COMPUTER WAS WORKING FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS AND NOW IT WONT EVEN POST!!! I think the GPU power may have been disconnected as people were in my room and weren't too careful. There were also a couple of wires that had a bit not insulated that were placed on the motherboard. I don't have a case since I didn't think others would be so careless around my PC.
  4. Hmm i cant possibly imagine upgrading or moving it ever
  5. Hi, I recently built a PC without a case. However, it seems a bit exposed with no case. I have seen some cool DIY PC cases online, any recommendations? It would be great if it was mostly household items or relatively inexpensive. I do have woodworking tools and wood lying around too.
  6. I was able to resolve it. Basically he told me to turn it on with only the 8 pin in and that was likely the cause. But could that be only one part of it? But he offered a replacement and I will just sell the replacement on ebay and from all this I lose like $10 for shipping on ebay or something.
  7. However before that I put the front IO panel on and it seemed like a capacitor or something burned out then, like the metal on the IO panel touched the wrong thing/ But i put it on carefully so idk why that happened.
  8. Okay. I called because it wouldn't post after following the ok instructions on resetting the bios after it wouldnt post from turning the ram speed up. Then the guy told me to leave only one of the power connectors in while I reset the CMOS. I made sure he was actually telling me to leave it half powered before I did. I then did the thing he told me and it caught on fire (to reset the cmos, shorting ONLY the CMOS pins).
  9. I got an asrock phantom 4 gaming x570 board and a themaltake 600W PSU. the VRMs caught on fire after they either were shorted or incorrectly connected due to very bad instructions. I also couldn't get into bios because "3200MHZ" ram was set to 3200 but it only supports 2933 or something on AMD (corsair vengence lpx 2x8 gb). Was it the MOBO or the PSU?
  10. Ok, I guess I will give aida 64 a try. HWinfo64 looks good for min max and average, and then I guess I'll have to click reset as I start the benchmark.
  11. Ok, thanks, this looks good. But what is the best way to stress test it? OCCT seems to have issues downloading and freezing. I also need to know average temp and clock speed, sorry I may not have mentioned this. HWMonitor doesn't seem to record average. So is there some benchmarking/stress test software that I can set to run for 20-30 minutes and will tell me those averages?