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  1. Also give some detailed comparisons about it.
  2. Can you make a video on the following Dell xps 15 vs dell vostro 15 7590 Dell vostro 7590 is the cheaper brother of dell xps 15 with the same specs. Information is here : https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/new-xps-15-laptop/spd/xps-15-7590-laptop/xnber5cr656ps https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-laptops-and-notebooks/new-vostro-15-7590-laptop/spd/vostro-15-7590-laptop/cav157w10pc1004
  3. In the past, about 1 or 2 months ago, I install windows 7 on this ibm machine but it doesnt have enough space so i decided to install debian It used to have the same tp link usb device and it also used to work very well And i know that it is very difficult to install it I run the command lsusb and it shows "Realtek semiconductor corp RTL8188EUS 802.11N WIRELESS NETWORK ADAPTER" Which tells me that the motherboard recognizes the USB device.
  4. Dell and hp are better brand for repair screens. You could buy parts from Alibaba or somethings like that. And do you know any way to install wifi driver for my ibm thinkpad t21? Reply in this post:
  5. Hey linus can you make a video for budget pc with minumum requirements of intel i7, intel ssd and 16GB of RAM Under $800 (USD)
  6. I have an ibm thinkpad t21 pictured below It runs debian gnu linux 10 ( I am stuck on it and need to install windows xp for more functionality)
  7. Also, i am a dummies ( i am a rookie or new to Linux). But i still need help from you people to install the driver.
  8. NO NO NO, I just accidently typed i instead of l. the command "lsusb" works fine. it shows "Realtek semiconductor corp RTL8188EUS 802.11N WIRELESS NETWORK ADAPTER. And tell me what i need to do next.
  9. su works ( i could easily go to root account) but i don't know how to install wifi drivers offline. But there are some problem with the command you said '"Isusb" and it says " -Bash: Isusb: command not found
  10. There are some evidence for my info about locked up with my wifi driver Plus there are no signs of life for my Ethernet wan mini port.
  11. Dear People I need help because when i was restoring my IBM think pad t21, i encountered several problems. For ex, when i installed Debian 10 on my IBM think pad, i need to load tp link drivers for my Tp link adapter(model:TL-WIN725N) plus i need to use sudo command to install gnome. But for some reason, it says "sudo: command not found" Which tells me that sudo is not installed. After analysing, i found that i am trapped in every way ( i can't either connect to the internet to download sudo files nor i could use sudo files to load driver for that usb to wireless adapter). If anyone has long experience in linux and way to find out problem for this situation, any help would be appreciated. Thanks & Regards
  12. Also tell linus to make a video about this rare i9 laptop