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  1. Did anyone else see Pacman barfing rainbows?
  2. No, but get them anyway. They're so pretty.
  3. Thanks, that's what I was going for. I'm in a rental and my room I use for my office has this horrible double-bank of dodgy 2 CFL tube lights (4 in total) across the whole span of the cieling. In summer the place just cooks. My primary goal beyond the bling was also getting some decent overhead light in the room.
  4. There's some but it's not as bad as it sounds in the video. It's all Corsair kit and stuff so while there's a lot of fans they're not too bad overall.
  5. I officially love this. Thanks for all the validation folks So in the end I took another vid with a more sane colour scheme I've started using day to day. Far brighter, more white with a splash of light blue. Also chucked in some footage of the PC for good measure.
  6. Thanks, I already have the original Strimers but I'm seriously thinking of upgrading. I mean come on, those things are gorgeous.
  7. Oh God, I hate that black and red aesthetic. What's funny is I can also remember back around 2000-01 going to LANs as a teenager and seeing these dudes that had dremeled out the side of their case to put a plexiglass window in with cathodes lighting everything up. Back in the day...
  8. This might surprise you, but I am indeed seeking validation for my choices
  9. So, recently I have been on an evolving and ultimately self-defeating journey that started with a cheap LED strips behind the desk, moved onto a completely new PC build with RGB RAM, AIO, Case Fans, GPU, Motherboard, Lian Li Strimer Cables, RGB Peripherals, and eventually led to a sick and warped obsession with Philips Hue. Suffice to say this week I finally tumbled down the rabbit-hole that is Nanoleaf. My question to you good folks... Am I a complete cliche at this point? Am I a beyond help? Does the blue/purple theme I've intended to evoke imagery of space and nebulae look more like a thai brothel? I must know.
  10. I love the Ironclaw. Fits really comfortably and I like the way to switch between DPI. I'm a fan
  11. My rig: i7 9700k with a RTX2070 Super and 32GB RAM. I'd RGB'ed and synced just about every component of the PC from the AIO, to the RAM, to the fans, to the GPU, to the Keyboard, to the headphone stand, to the speakers, to the headphones, to the ATX power cables, to the mousemat(s)... But it wasn't enough. I have a sickness. A hole inside me that can only be filled with lumens and unicorn vomit. I had run out of things to RGB... I mean sure I could go out and buy some el-cheapo remote-controlled LED strips for behind the desk, but I wasn't going to lower myself to any of that ghetto peasant-level RGB shit. Then I discovered Philips Hue. Of course I still feel empty inside, but at least my walls are purple. I can also bring the whole room to life and fire up the PC with Wake-On-LAN via a single Siri command, so I guess I'm the lord of my own little fiefdom. Also, purple.
  12. So... Along with ditching the third screen and adding a new extended mousemat, I might have gone a little crazy with the Philips Hue this weekend. Also, turns out you can have some fun with Hue Sync too
  13. Thanks yeah, I'm actually fairly comfortable with Corsair Kit. In my new(ish) Deskstop build I'm currently using a Lighting Node Pro and a Commander Pro and I've got my RAM, AIO, 6 LL120 fans, 8 corsair ARGB strips, Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad and Headphone stand all synced through iCue on my main box (and that's not all the RGB I have... I have a problem). My next project through, is a thoroughly ridiculous over-RGB'ed media PC. Of course I'm going to be filling the case with Corsair fans and light strips (not to mention Aura-Sync other stuff) but I need something to drive all the random 5v ARGB crap I'm planning on adding in like Lian Li Strimer cables and a custom lightbox from Portugal. Edit: I took a read of that pinout guide you put together, nice work!