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    Ophasselt, Belgium
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    Virtualization, SAN, Advanced Networking, Cloud computing
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    System Engineer - VMWare specialisation


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    16GB HyperX Genesis
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    GTX780 Classified
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    Aerocool xPredator full tower white
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    240Gb MX100, 1.5TB raid0 of Barracuda's
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    XFX Pro 550w Core edition
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    Ilyama XUB3490WQSU-B1 - Asus PA238Q
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    H100i 4*SP120q (7v)
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    Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
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    Z232 - Siberia V2 White - Blue Snowball
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. MsTrMind

    Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    I also tought about that, I have access to an "unlimited" supply of old IBM / Lenovo HBA's. Unfortunately, they consume as much, or more, power as the complete mini-server itself. Also, they are all SAS cards, which also implies the need to buy "expensive" SAS-SATA cables
  2. MsTrMind

    Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    Yeah so the same one as I found. Looks decently priced, and with decent reviews. Might keep that one in mind. http://www.delock.de/produkte/G_89384/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en Found this too, but I think the X2 speed will be too limiting (only 1GB/s duplex)
  3. MsTrMind

    Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    Aha nice, I tought JBOD would present all disks as 1 volume to the OS. Reason is quite simple, pricing :-) For the price of 1 decent HBA, I pay as much as I paid for my 4 3TB disks :-( I don't run a business on this server. So super high performance is not needed, neither is 'reliability' (-> I mean, I don't care if I'm not 99,99% sure that it won't crash) I run Microsoft Storage Spaces. Its super easy to use, And provides what I need. Parity redundancy, with no additional cost. There is some extra load on the CPU due to this, but the i5-6500 I'm running has plenty of resources unused. Most personal (I refuse to call it critical, as I'm not a business) data gets backed up to a small NAS at my parent's place. Thanks! But I don't have any PCI slots (only PCIe slots). Same problem with it as the first one I found :-( 4TB isn't mandatory, 3TB could also work
  4. MsTrMind

    Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    We both missed something crucial. This is a regular PCI connector, not PCI-e But indeed, SATA2 would/should be enough. >_< Yeah thats what I meant :-D
  5. Hi all, I have a small file-server at home, that is also hosting a small Hyper-V environment. Its rocking : - a basic H270 motherboard from Gigabyte (GA-H270M-DS3H) - 8GB of RAM - 128 GB M.2 (sata speed) boot SSD - 4 3TB drives in a software RAID5 (done on OS level) - 500GB "buffer" drive (7.2k RPM random sata drive) I want to expand my storage space, I'd like to throw in 4 x 4TB drives extra. Now, I've run out of usable SATA headers on my motherboard Can any of you please assist me in finding a decent SATA expansion card? I found this: http://www.delock.de/produkte/G_70154/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en But its only SATA2 connection speed. EDIT: Just noticed that this is the old PCI standard, not PCIe. This won't do :-) I also found this: RocketRAID 640L - http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series_rr600-overview.htm But its unclear for me if it supports direct passthrough (I don't want hardware RAID) Thanks for the info!
  6. MsTrMind

    Games crash very randomly to desktop

    Just posting the solution to this, in case it helps other people. Me & my girlfriend decided to go live together. She had a PC with 4*4GB RAM, mine only had 2*4GB. Decided to take 8GB out of her PC and put it in mine. Problem was that my ram was running at 1600Mhz @ 1.65v, hers was 1866 at 1.5v. I completely forgot about it, as I am a very casual (maybe one hour a week). Problem solved
  7. Dear All, Since some time I've been having the most random gamecrashes... I do not play a lot of games (The Division, Dota2, RocketLeague, and as of today Astroneer). All of them crash after X-amount of minutes. I can start the game, have as-expected performance, and all of the sudden it crashes to desktop, no warning, no nothing. I turned my pc to 100% stock speeds and default BIOS settings, temps are not too high (50°C on the hottest CPU core + 70-ish on the GPU). Drivers are the latest versions. I really have no idea anymore what I could do. Or how I could even start to debug this... Please help :'( :'( :'( :'(
  8. MsTrMind

    Overclock degraded over time?

    Well thats the thing, I'm able to get 2 hours on 4.8Ghz @ 1.4v on Aida (didn't test longer), 10h on 4.5Ghz @ 1.25v on Aida (didnt test longer). Stock gets 24h with no problem, but I have the weird eventlog things happening...
  9. MsTrMind

    Overclock degraded over time?

    More voltage on stock speed? Its on system defaults
  10. MsTrMind

    Overclock degraded over time?

    Yeah, I knew that, but already after 2 years?! And this fast?
  11. Hey all, Its been a while since i've been on the forum. A while ago (easy 2 years ago) I bought my 4670k and Z87-a. Stable overclock running since I bought it, 4.5Ghz @ 1.25v; I let it run and it was 72h Aida64 stable (I went on weekend, and let my pc run :-) ) Over time I slightly upgraded my pc. gtx780 classified (EVGA) stock speeds 8GB of extra ram (now 16GB - 1600Mhz) Everything was running fine (I only played Dota + small games, nothing too crazy). I recently moved, and bought a new monitor (3440x1440). As I'm here, my pc slightly became more and more unstable. First it was after 2-3h of Dota that I got random crashes to desktop. Until now, where I'm at the point that the pc gives me random BSOD (sometimes 1h, sometimes 3h, ...) or again crashes to desktop. Now I'm running back on stock speeds, just to test, PC just passed 24h of Aida64 with no problem. When I take a look at the eventlogger, I see that every minute I get a WHEA-Logger event 19 popping up. Did I break my cpu? Known problem? Every driver is 100% up-to-date, nothing is overclocked anymore (XMP is also turned off) EDIT: updated my system
  12. MsTrMind

    7870Ghz BIOS flash

    Thanks dude!
  13. MsTrMind

    7870Ghz BIOS flash

    Hey all So I am bored these days and decided to overclock my GPU as far as I can get without (or with, dont really care) burning it. I am trying to overclock my GPU balls to the walls, but my current bios won't let me do this... Some weird voltage lock. I cant adjust it, except in Trixx where it lets me adjust it to 1.3v. But I don't think it really does anything... It is a Sapphire Dual-x 7870Ghz (non OC version). Vendor ID: 1002 Dev ID: 6818 Link to Sapphire website I am currently stuck at 1150Mhz on core with the "1.3v". While my temperatures don't get over 75°C (reason I believe the 1.3 volt is bullshit). So I am looking for somebody that is willing to guide me through the process of finding the correct BIOS for the stuff I want to do. Thanks dudes!
  14. And I cant even order a pizza and have it home delivered...