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  1. Hmm I'm not sure about this. I've heard that generally ram have universal timing and speed configuration called JEDEC which make sure it could work in either Intel or AMD CPU, but I'm too broke to buy both DDR2 for AMD and DDR2 ECC memory to test it personally... Thanks for your reply but I'll be waiting for more answer before deciding
  2. Hello everyone this is my first post here. Just like the title above, I'm interested in building lga 775 PC for my family using DDR2 memories since it's not really used for heavy gaming. I already set my eyes on modded Intel Xeon X5460 and Gigabyte P43/ASUS P5QL. Both motherboards stated on their website that the maximum supported memory is 16GB, which means I could 4x4GB DDR2 memory, right? My problem right now is choosing which ram should I pick for these build. I've searched on my local marketplace and the only option is either DDR2 ECC memory or DDR2 4GB Memory with "For AMD" tag on it. I'm interested in the DDR2 4GB "For AMD" because it's cheap ($13 dollars for 1x4GB stick) but I'm not sure with the compatibility of the memory since I'll be using an Intel build. The ECC Memory seems like promising since my cpu supported them, but I'm not sure whether my motherboard need to support ECC for it too run the memory or just the cpu support of the memory is enough. In short, should I buy DDR2 for AMD or DDR2 ECC for my xeon build?