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  1. When I had the 2080 in for testing, I used a GT710 just to keep me going. After seeing 5fps in Monster Hunter, I reinstalled windows again and saw 20fps. When I got my card back, it was back to normal. So yes, the issue persists with other cards.
  2. Hi all, My system is a 2700X and RTX 2080. A couple of times in the past, and again right now, I get this very strange problem. My graphics card reports 100% load and utilization, 100% power draw, but gives me fuck all performance, dropping down to 70 frames in R6 Siege in 1080p. Driver rollbacks and updates do not help. Clean installs didn't work. Windows reinstalled changed nothing. I have tried disabling Windows game DVR, reseating the GPU, clean wiping all graphics drivers and even opting out of steam beta. Does anyone have ANY idea what is happening? I work in a tech shop and have had the card extensively tested, and nothing is wrong physically, so it MUST be a stupid AF driver or windows issue. PLEASE HELP!