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  1. Oh thanks i expected a lot less what a pleasent suprise
  2. The psu you listed is it good enough for ryzen 2600 and rx 580 that is the best for the price here
  3. Thanks for the help if you want to helo with some programs or something like that i can help in that i do that for a living
  4. For how much do you think i can sell my current pc?
  5. Second hand is 350$ and isnt rx 580 better than 1070? For its price
  6. Well 1070 ti costs here around 450$ so not an option
  7. Hope the smae prizes are here in czech republic but this seems really good
  8. I was thinking ryzen 5 2600 and rx 580 but i need a new psu was hoping my motherboard is good enough
  9. Currently i have fx 6350 and gtx 950, 8gb of ddr3 memory, ssd 120gb and harddrive 1tb, my psu is SS-600ET and my motherboard is in the photo so what shoud i replace and my budget is 400 - 500$
  10. Mata14

    What cpu shoud i buy?

    So i need new motherboard,ram,cpu,gpu and psu i might as well sell my old rig and buy everything new
  11. Mata14

    What cpu shoud i buy?

    How much better is 2600 then 1600 because in my country 1600 is a lot cheaper
  12. Mata14

    What cpu shoud i buy?

    I currently have this motherboard do you think i need a new one for all this new stuff
  13. Mata14

    What cpu shoud i buy?

    Thanks and do you think rx 580 is a good card in that price range?