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  1. Hi, so yeah i need a new laptop, I am not going to game on it, its going to be used mainly for word, excell, YouTube and light stuff like that. I had a chromebook until now, so maybe another one? Or you think for this money I can get something light but powerful enough? Thanks in advance.
  2. I probably want to keep the other windows so the second option is the best but the minimum is 3 seconds.
  3. Thanks for the help❤ and one last question when i boot the pc it always asks me if i want to boot the windows on the ssd or on the hdd. I couldn't find anything in the bios that would make this go away.
  4. As the title suggested i need mouse and keyboard and a headset for under 100usd. Is there some bundle or should i buy it one by one.
  5. Right now i have in my computer one ssd and one hard drive. Both have windows installed on them. I boot to the ssd but all my aplications and icons are on the hard drive and i would like to have all the icons on the destktop. (The ssd windows is freshe, the hard drive is old i was using it till now)
  6. Hi i just installed fresh windows on an ssd. The ssd i added to the computer has an old hard drive with windows on it too. I would like to transfer all the icons and driv V like that on to the ssd it 120gb and the hard drive is 1tb
  7. And what cheaper option would you recommed but i want the laptop to last me like 4 years so 1000 usd is probably the cheapest
  8. I dont which macbook is the best value now but it shouldn't dost more than 1000usd.
  9. I will be using it mainly for school and work so no gaming. I would preffer amd cpu.
  10. And do you know if i can somehow copy my existing windows from ssd to this M.2?
  11. If i were to buy the 970 is 256gb enough for os?
  12. Thanks a lot. And does it have dram? And for os it wowon't get lower over time
  13. My motherboard is "ASRock Fatal1ty B450 GAMING K4 - AMD B450" what M.2 storage should i buy, under 80 bucks? And my OS would be on it.
  14. I would love a better refresh rate but my comptuer has gtx 950 and fx 6350 so probably it isnt worth it to upragde monitor first right?
  15. I have this monitor for quiet some time and i want to ask if i shoud replace it
  16. I tried to run the game on windows 10 but no compatibility mode helped me so i created a virtual machine with windows xp(on that operating system i played it when i was younger) and when i tried to run it there it woudnt start some error was popping up and when i looked up what the error means it said that i need proper drivers but i have no idea where to find them so if anyone knows what shoud i do i woud be very thankful
  17. The psu you listed is it good enough for ryzen 2600 and rx 580 that is the best for the price here