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  1. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/295027-amd-will-provide-a-free-temporary-uefi-upgrade-kit-for-ryzen-3000-motherboard-updates
  2. I checked UK Ebay and there was no used I5-8600K so I just did my price checking on USA Ebay then used xe.com for currency conversion. There is 1 bid for $185 and a buy it now for $210 used. No active bidding on the Asus Prime-A Z370 but bidding for used starts around $50 and buy it now used around $80. Adding the two lower numbers then converting currency equals about £187 and the two higher numbers £230. Your price might be a bit high if your friend was this shopping savvy especially if he was patient enough to wait for each used part to go to auction on UK Ebayor another EU Ebay site but I wouldn't say it is unreasonable especially if your friend lacks either trait and more so if both traits.
  3. https://optocrypto.com/amd-ryzen-3000-voltage-problems-attributed-to-a-poor-test-tool/
  4. Polargirl

    16GB vs 32GB Ram

    I didn't figure bandwidth into the equation and you could be right but that webpage says nothing about it. I also reread the USA version of it and it is an exact clone. Yesterday, I finally received my Crucial RAM and upgraded my computer.
  5. I just upgraded my RAM from 4GB X 1 to 8GB X 2 = 16GB earlier this evening and had perhaps the exact same problem. I switched the sockets that the RAM modules were in and both not only worked but did in dual channel . I must have not fastened one of them well enough. Obviously, that is not the reason it is happening to you but it still helps to switch the sockets the RAM sticks are in to determine whether a stick or the socket/motherboard is the problem. Who knows? Maybe you might get lucky like I did and everything works normal by just doing that.
  6. Polargirl

    16GB vs 32GB Ram

    There is absolutely no difference at all if the 3000 is 15 CAS and the 3200 is 16 CAS since both equal a true latency of exactly 10 nanoseconds.
  7. You can by an I3-9100F for £85 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-i3-9100F-4x3-6-6MB-L3-Sockel/dp/B07P871J57 From there you could easily by a refurbished H310 motherboard on eBay starting at £31 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Computer-Components-Parts-/175673/i.html?_nkw=h310+motherboard 8GB of Crucial DDR4 memory is going for £31.35 on Amazon.co.uk but can't link you until you check out eBay and select a motherboard. It is neccessary for have a GPU with any F series Intel processors since they omit the graphics processing from that series.
  8. Polargirl

    GPU for my kid

    I missed your message logging in earlier today. I don't know how or why. So sorry. That screen doesn't say anything nor could I read specs from the Asus website. That motherboard has PCI V2 for both the x16 slot the GPU would go in and the x1 that a WiFi card would go in. http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/Asus/Asus_M2A-VM/1004 It also uses DDR2 800 MHz RAM which will be a huge problem but she might be able to play some games.
  9. Polargirl

    Overclocking i5 7600K

    I get different answers but from most 78 is at least acceptable if not undesirable. I'd watch the temperature, stopping at incresing intervals under full load just to make sure. Tom's Hardware: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/intel-temperature-guide.1488337/ This forum with exact same CPU:
  10. Polargirl

    GPU bottleneck

    Absolutely. He just needs a CPU and RAM to keep up is all. It will take at least a 1650 card for that in a majority of recent AAA games. For far less demanding games and even many older AAA, a 770 should do that. Hopefully, he can get a good, sustainable OC on his CPU and buys that memory I linked to.
  11. Polargirl

    GPU bottleneck

    With graphics cards being what they are in price and neither the 1060 and especially the 1050 Ti being great future proofing investments, I'd just save and buy a system in the future with a graphics card I like and can afford rather than be forced to buy a computer to fit that overpriced at the time graphics card to fit a computer well into the future. The 1060 (6GB at least) is a decent, for the next couple of years, card for 1080P, 60 is, on ultra gaming card. Not a great long term investment. 1050 TI is even worse with used ones often costing as much as a 1060 used. That is something only to get if it is as much as your CPU or PSU for 75 watt card can handle and you find it at a good price. With ray tracing in its infancy, now is an historically worst time to future proof GPUs. Not a particularly good time to buy one for immediate needs either but at least the market has improved for that somewhat from a recent, historically, bad market thanks to bitcoin mining collapse.
  12. Polargirl

    GPU bottleneck

    Good long term idea but I might have good news for you in the meantime. Used Patriot 2 x 4 = 8GB, 2133 GHz, 240 pin (DDR3), 1.5 volt, UDIMM 0 BIDS: $23.56 CAD or BUY IT NOW $45.81 CAD Ships from Lakeland, Florida, USA https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Patriot-Viper-3-Low-Profile-Red-8-GB-2x4GB-DDR3-2133-Memory-FREE-SHIPPING-/183875775107
  13. Maybe it isn't a problem with every Nvidia card. Just some.
  14. Polargirl

    Overclocking i5 7600K

    I'm glad everything is working for you. Hopefully, it stays that way and you are finished with this problem. There are always dedicated OC forums if you ever need specific help on that.