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  1. From what i could tell after looking at a few youtube videos the difference between 3700x and 3900x are at max 4-5 fps and for 50% more it is not really worth it. The case i picked out i really like look of it. Is the airflow really that bad in that case because to me the other case you recommended seemed to have worse airflow
  2. I am very sure i am going to overclock (sorry if i seemed unsure) I am currently using an AIO with no problems and it makes the build much nicer (i am going to have it next to me with the glass panel facing me) I also picked out some RGB stuff and dont know if it will all work together or if i need to buy something more to controll it I need a case that supports 3 3.5" drives (preferably something that supports 4 3.5" drives) and 2 2.5" drives. Do you know of any cases that fit that description. Do i need 3600MHz ram or would i be fine with 3200MHz without a performance hit? The pc part list you picked out is the same price as mine if i dont count the RGB stuff (some of my components are on sale but it only shows up att checkout)
  3. This will be the first PC I am building and I don't feel like returning stuff and buying again because they are incompatible so I am asking you people with more experience for help. This is the link for the shopping list (It is a swedish site but the name of the components are the same so it shouldn't matter): https://www.komplett.se/wishlist/shared/fada69a0-b1ba-41cd-b734-4203069604e2 I will be buying a GTX 1080 Ti used to use in it. I will also transfer 1 2.5" 500GB SSD (might buy an extta one later) 2 3.5" 2TB HDDs and 1 3.5" 4TB HDD (might buy an extra HDD) I will be Gaming on a 2560x1440 144Hz monitor I want to be able to overclock it a bit Just ask if I missed any info All help is appreciated.
  4. LuMa03

    144Hz vs 240Hz

    I can't personally see any noticable difference between 240Hz and 144Hz. I currently use a 144Hz monitor but i have tried 240Hz. I think you should buy a 144Hz monitor for FPS and similar games but use the 4K monitor for work and other games. G-Sync is nice thing to have but you will notice it most if you cant keep the framerate steady at the same as the monitors refresh rate. 144Hz is a HUGE difference to 60Hz and you will not regret it. If you have a lot of cash to throw around you might want to get 240Hz monitor but if not you will not regret you got a 144Hz monitor istead of an 240Hz one.
  5. My fiber broke and i am now using a mobile router connected to the pc for internet but i want to stream with plex to my chromecast Ultra while using the internet on my pc. If i disconnect the mobile router and only use the ethernet cabel to the chromecast it works but if i connect the mobile router (while the ethernet is still plugged in) it doesn't work. I tried making a bridged connection (I didn't change any properties) it still doesn't work to stream locally but i can use the internet. English isn't my first language so it might be poorly worded so just ask any questions if you need any more information. Going to sleep now so won't be able to respond for a while.