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  1. Thanks for the reply, now I am facing another issue. The mouse automatically recerts bavk to onboard memory on restarting.
  2. Some days ago I was facing a problem with my g402, the cursor will flicker on the screen and would go away automatically for some days. Fast forward to today, I faced another issue with my Logitech G402. The clicks became reversed automatically and middle click stopped working . This started while I was browsing FB on chrome and a click on a link would open it in a new window. I unplugged mouse, reinstalled the logitech software to check and the problem seems to be gone though. The mouse is around 2 months old and I will RMA it for sure but need to see if there is any under lying problem in my system that maybe causing the issue. Recent hardware changes: 1. I installed a Asus WIFI+BT PCIe adapter in my system that uses one of the internal usb 2 header as power supply for the wifi adapter(5days ago). 2. Installed a new Benq Monitor (3weeks ago).
  3. On receiving open up the cooler and look at the number on the gpu die. It will give correct card info.
  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Will upgrade to a 2600 later in winter as prices drop significantly at that time.
  5. I have the gigabyte AX370-Gaming Rev 1.x
  6. I have a ryzen 2400g with 12pcie lanes (1x8 + 1x4 for nvme). Now I am adding a pcie wifi card, so will my gpu run at x4 now or will keep running at x8 as its running now? Also how much will the performance hit be?
  7. How is the response as compared to a wired connection? Will it be much much slower?
  8. Both have similar specifications with the TP link having a antenna attached to the bodh and the Asus has a antenna that can be relocated also the tp link has a heatsink on the module itself and is cheaper. So which one should I buy? Asus is 30$ and TP-Link is 22$
  9. Should I paint my fan blades white so that Led lights are more noticeable? I will use fabric paints to paint them. Fans are Thermaltake riing 14 rgb (the one with 256 colours)
  10. After gently pressing at hat area towards the eedge the dark shadow dissapears mostly. So this is either normal or just a feature to piss people off
  11. Its most probably uneven backlit. I doubt that they dropped it as this was acquired directly from the factory warehouse.
  12. Is it normal behaviour? The top two corners have this type of darkish shade. Is this normal? Note: There is no shadow in the middle of the screen. Its just camera interference. It is a Bezel less benq 24in ips that uses LG Panel.