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  1. https://prnt.sc/tucybo i think its fixed right guys score is even better than last time temp seems ok with fan at only 47% clocks seems doing pretty fine so, i guess its working again
  2. ok thank you very much for your time man the reopen of the gpu gonna do it tomorrow since its 2 am right now xD, but im pretty sure i havent put the right amount of pressure on the pads when i remounted the gpu.
  3. Ok thanks man, for the thermal paste do i have to buy specific thermal paste or the ones that you use for the CPU are fine for the GPU aswell (i have the arctic MX-4), for the radeon settings everything default (https://prnt.sc/tu4riu , https://prnt.sc/tu4t1j ) and what can i do for the frequency that is getting stuck is it gonna fix when i double check better the thermal pads or do i have to twerk some settings to fix it.
  4. https://prnt.sc/tu4jy5 this are the specs while running the benchmark
  5. I really hope that the low mhz is a thermal pads problem and not something else. PS what is the thickness of the thermal pads and where i can buy them
  6. I didnt touched the pads at all not even close on them gonna try to reclose it checking that they make Contact better and temperature max was 85 the 109 is the junction temp if im not wrong
  7. The temps was 85 under Heavy load
  8. Ok so basically i have to reopen it and make sure every pads are making Contact cause the mhz the maximum was 900 and average 400 never went over 1000 mhz
  9. So i tool the gpu apart to clean the dust removed the fans the cables and mounted it back. Pc specs ryzen 7 3700x mobo asus tuf gaming x570 plus, ram corsair 16 gb 3200mhz, scores on heaven before was 2400+ and today after the clean up 804. Never made overclock always with default. Temperature under Heavy load on heaven benchmark 84 degress and the other amd temperature i forgot the name was 109 degrees
  10. hello guys, so today i opened up my rx 5700xt gygabyte 3 fan edition to clear it up and all went good, the issue is when i started playing something wasnt feeling ok so i did a benchmark on heaven one and got a score of 804 on extreme settings with highest fps 70 and lowest 20 (old score was over 2400) and the mhz never went above 700. So i need some help on what to do now do i have to opened it again maybe i placed the thermal pads bad or do i have to replace the thermal paste and everyhting else, please help me. Thanks
  11. im streaming on twitch using streamlab obs, and i was bjust bothering cause dont wanna force too much my cpu or main gpu, maybe it may sound stupid but i was just bothering since i have the gpu standing there , and use at maximun settings the gtx 1050xD
  12. on nvidia official page it says the h265 its supported
  13. since i play apex legends and its fast paced game, when i move around the quality gets blurry
  14. x264 encoder, CBR , 5000 bit, CPU preset medium, profile none and output 900p 60fps
  15. yea i know but i heard the nvidia does better on the streaming side, and when i try to stream with the rx5700xt the stream looks so bad even with high setting