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  1. Thanks for the info but im pretty sure that i will kill my gpu if i try this xD
  2. Yea im definetely gonna do that im gonna try to send an email to gigabyte and when i have money im definetely going for 0.5mm grizzly this time sincr i Heard its better, im pretty sure even Now i could try to made the 1mm that i have a bit smaller for better pressure but im really tired for the moment 2 days of assesmbling and disassembling the card makes you go insane xD. Thanks to everyone for the help i could have not fixed it without you guys
  3. Ok its kinda working Now its not thermal throttling anymore its gets close to 98 junction and 75 gpu temp when gaming i just cutted in half the vram pads made them 0.5 i guess my gpu model cant handle 1mm at all cause it doesnt make Contact
  4. Ive mounted the arctic thermal pads 1mm everywhere on the board but no matter what i try the junction temps always at 110 i have no idea what to do anymore im even prewsinb with force the board but nothing
  5. Guys i still have the same problem even after changing thermal pads Vram 1mm and the rest 1.5mm if can help heres the picture
  6. yes and i think the vrams pads were 0.5mm and going to 2mm i guess was too much, i dont know if to go for 1mm or 1.5mm now
  7. i tried pressuring it many times tied the screws at maximum aswell no difference the junction temp goes immediately at 110 the moment i hit start bencmark or stress test on the amd software
  8. 1 thing im noticing now is that the gpu works fine when im just surfing on the web watching stuff the temps are below 50 degrees does that explain anything on why the junction hits 110+ when benchmarking it
  9. the funny part is that i reopened the card 5 times at least to check if everything makes proper contact and to me everything was looking normal but could be that the center of the gpu is not making full contact cause of the thickness of the pads or could be something else i dont know im so upset xD
  10. yes sir, all the other temps are fine only the junction temperature goes over 110 the moment i start the benchmark, could it be that the thermal pads are too thick and its not making proper contact on the chip
  11. i bought 2mm thickness for the thermal pads since a lot of sites suggested this sizes
  12. hi guys, so i replaced my thermal pads on my gigabyte rx 5700 xt cause the card was running really hot and after i replaced them i did some tests with unigine heaven benchmark at extreme settings an the gpu temperature is fine on the 70s, memory temps on the 70s aswell (before it was going +90) but the issue now is the junction temperature goes 110c and thermal throttle when all the rest temps are fine, i tried to reopen it replace the thermal paste aswell, made sure that everything was making proper contact but nothing the junction temperature always goes 110+ when the rest is at 70. PS Whe