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  1. Thanks linus for hearting my “I just subscribed” comment that was so cool when I got a notification saying “you got a heart from lines tech tips” ps if cjpotter or logical drm sees this tell linus this
  2. I don’t really want a laptop I just want something that I just throw in a micro sd and call it good like a raspberry pi but with more power
  3. Sadly the raspberry pi 4 doesn’t have enough power for wii or game cube
  4. I have been looking forever to find the best single board computer for emulation, I specifically want something that can do ps2, psp, GameCube and wii. Then I found the jetson nano, but it was a little out of my price range. anyway do you know any other single board computers under $100 that can do that?
  5. What os’s are supported with the jetson nano. Can I get windows or RetroPie on one?
  6. https://www.amazon.com/LG-27MD5KA-B-27-Ultrafine-16/dp/B07QM9SXNN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=GXTKQC2SQEWZ&keywords=gaming+monitors&qid=1561700833&s=gateway&sprefix=Gaming+mo%2Caps%2C336&sr=8-1
  7. I recently bought a Xbox one and I wanted to know if the Xbox 360 is still worth keeping
  8. How old do you have to be to enter in rog rig reboot
  9. When is the 2019 rog rig reboot coming?