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  1. No, one monitor, I can change to 1440, the other I can only change to 1080. The first thing I did was try to change the resolution, once that didn't work I started digging around.
  2. I have a Dell M4800 with Windows 7 and a Quadro K2100M. I upgraded to dual 1440 monitors (Dell S3219D). My laptop is hooked up to a docking station and the monitors are hooked up to the docking station also. One monitor will run at 1440 but the other will only run at 1080. I can't get both at 1440! When I go to the nvidia setting I can see one is being run from the dedicated graphics and one is on the integrated graphics ( see attached). I'm assuming I need both on the dedicated card to get them both at 1440. How do I accomplish this?