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  1. I just got a new router and I want to boost my cellular phone wifi. Is there a way to connect my router to my phones wifi and boost it???
  2. That would be very nice. Can you lead me to a direct source?
  3. A prebuilt hp pavilion with a ryzen 3 2200G processor Rx 550 gpu 300 watt power supply. If i upgrade the gpu to an Rx 580 and the power supply to 450 watts will I need to upgrade the processor as well??
  4. What would be a direct upgrade from an AMD Radeon RX DDR4 550??

    1. mariushm


      rx 550 -> 560 -> 570 -> 580 -> 590


      570 would be best price vs performance


      on nvidia you have gt1050 -> 1060 -> 1650 etc

    2. Excelsior!