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  1. ok, I will, but what kind of level graphics card could I go to without it bottlenecking? I've got my friends telling me not to get high power graphics cards because of it.
  2. i have a HP z230, i7 4770, gtx 1050ti, 16gb ram. I am wondering what I could get in terms of more powerful graphics cards without my CPU bottlenecking it.
  3. how do you enable XMP?
  4. In task manger it says 1600 as Speed, and it’s a ddr3 machine not ddr4
  5. lewi2999

    Looking for a new gaming chair

    this is slightly over budget but an extremely good chair. https://www.amazon.com/GTRACING-Ergonomic-Backrest-Adjustment-Computer/dp/B01N2RJ0HI
  6. Hello, I have an HP z230 with 16gb micron ram, gtx 1050ti and i74770. I recently ran a user benchmark benchmark, everything was good apart from the ram, where it said "Performing below potential (32nd percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled" I am not familiar with what this is telling me, I am not sure whether its some I have to do physically to fix or something on the computer. Any help or info will be much appreciated. Thanks