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  1. Due to personal reasons I've been down the drain and sold my old i7 2600k computer set. I'm currently using a Phenom II 555 BE unlocked to 4 cores with a 8GB RAM and a RX 570, this pc has gotten me through my gaming (mostly esports, dota, csgo, etc.) I've recently gotten back on my feet and saved enough extra cash to afford a used pc set. I live in the Philippines and I found a deal online where I can get a Xeon E5-2640 with an Alienware Aurora R4 X79 motherboard and a 8GB RAM for 5k Pesos (around $98 USD). I plan to try streaming my games in the future and was wondering if a Xeon is a good route.
  2. NeRLeY

    No 4k feels

    Yeah I think I'll do that.
  3. NeRLeY

    No 4k feels

    damn son..i feel robbed..
  4. NeRLeY

    No 4k feels

    I have a LG 43" 4k TV (UK6300 I think), I've watched 4k files via USB and don't get the same 4k feel/looks I got when I bought it at the store. I figured it must be the kind of file I'm playing (.mkv .mp4, etc.) or the bit something I keep seeing, I have no idea. Any ideas what kind of file is best to play to get that 4k feels?
  5. what paint did you use for the gpu?
  6. performance wise yes, what about feature wise? (RGB control, durability, etc.)
  7. I like the MSI's Mystic Light feature, doesn't seem that the Asus B350 Plus has the equivalent feature but the Asus does have more feature (based on spec sheet), I could be wrong.
  8. Which one is the better B350 motherboard? The Asus Prime B350-PLUS or the MSI B350M Bazooka? I saw an offer online that puts them up about the same price.
  9. Recent titles: Nier Automata, The Witcher 3 Oldies: Warcraft, Diablo
  10. My 3 years old monitor finally gave out and the only replacement I have at this time is a VGA monitor without any other connectivity other than VGA. My Power Color RX 570 only have a DVI-D and I do not have access to any adaptor/converter. My motherboard though has a VGA and with iGPU (onboard) I can access Windows, I just cant play games. Windows is recognizing that my RX 570 is installed and I just want to know if there's a way for me to play games (esports games mainly) and utilize the RX 570 through the iGPU. I recently watched LTT's video about gaming on mining cards and maybe I can do the same with this RX 570. I tried setting up in Windows settings / graphic settings where you manually add a game and choose performance settings, Windows sees and chooses my RX 570 when I choose the high performance option but I still get an error when I tried to play games like Dota 2 or CSGO.