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  1. Yeah that was kinda why I wanted a few varied opinions before I decided to pull the trigger.
  2. Didn't that card get kind of ripped apart for bad construction by reviewers?
  3. Its a VisionTek 5700 xt for 319 bucks which I have never seen that GPU at price wise and even on a blower cooler its still going to blow anything in that price bracket out of the water
  4. So I am in the market for some parts and I found one I am really interested in from Newegg that's refurb. Are refurb parts like this a good idea?
  5. Well I dropped that GPU and the new drivers in my Ryzen 7 2700 system and it runs like a top. I think the i5 was the issue... But the i5 games like a beast still
  6. I have dell freesync monitors
  7. So you are saying I should probably just not try to do both on the i5 and rely on the AMD for that... got it
  8. Guess I should toss the card into my Ryzen 7 2700 box and see if its the CPU
  9. with a 6 core coffee lake? I have 16 gigs of ram in it too
  10. So I put a 5700 in my i5 9400f system and have 2 monitors up. When I am playing games on one monitor and watching youtube tv on the other the tv stuff stutters anyone know why or if I can fix this?
  11. Pretty much exactly this. I was hoping to score the Sapphire pulse 5700 but at a 300 dollar after rebate price the reference blower card was just a better buy so I got it instead.
  12. With that CPU id just put an rx 570 4 gig in it unless you want to use the new GPU as an upgrade part for later on
  13. Why not just get a 5700??? THE ray tracing on the 2060 is junk and you can get 5700s for the same price
  14. Personally I just bought the reference non XT because I sold my 2060 to a friend and they had a rebate on the 5700 blower that made it 300 bucks US and I have an ITX build so the blower won't be bad at all.
  15. I asked about buying that card back in the day and EVERYONE said it was a pile of junk. Evidently there are components on the back of the card that aren't actively cooled and can be very problematic