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  1. I will do what i like thank you. So overclocking Vram is not a problem?
  2. I have heard many stories about this and well the new 5700 series from ATI seem to be hit or miss especially with high Vram temps.
  3. A lot easier to just tell someone if they have a bottleneck or not or some games may show one.
  4. Seems to be the case for many users. New arch = bad drivers? I think the only reason Radeon drivers improved so much is because GCN stayed for so long.
  5. If you already have the cards why you here asking?
  6. Is this a joke? please tell me you are joking. Objectively and factually, higher res diminishes these issues, not fully but largely, 8xMSAA fixes things because it is a proper AA solution. Go figure..