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  1. Well, to give you an idea, look at le task manager screenshots:
  2. Yeah this'll be a fair ways into the future, this build. You think the new amd will be all it's cracked up to be?
  3. Yeah, I have Davinci Resolve, love it, it cant handle editing all 6 hobbit and lotr movies together into one film though... lol That threadripper idea sounds fabulous. Thank you!
  4. I need a computer capable of loading, editing, and saving 200GB video files without one hiccup. Suggestions? I don't know if I need a workstation or what, I honestly don't know if sli-ing a few 2080 ti's would do it as far as capability for graphics, and what about cpu? Is it possible to have, like, a few threadrippers working in tandum? This IS technically theoretical, but also a serious consideration for a future career.
  5. *970 sli You would be correct, lol
  6. @Jurrunio @WereCatf @FloRolf @DankDeuxez @dgsddfgdfhgs Ok, so I’m getting the vibe that a single 1080ti is the better choice. It is, however, a fair bit pricier. How much would I be able to get away selling my GTX 970 for to help make up the cost, and would anyone even buy it?
  7. I have a GTX 970(my cpu is a Ryzen 5 and I currently have 1 stick of 8gb DDR4 ram). Can the GTX 970 bridge with another GTX 970? If it CAN use an SLI bridge, are 2 GTX 970’s better than just one GTX 1080TI?