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  1. I would like to set the lowest graphic settings for Jedi Fallen order. I am currently setting the graphic options to 30 fps max. However, I wish to lower overall graphic settings. Any suggestions?!
  2. I would very much like to see videos in Linus Tech Tips addressing top NUC / Thin Clients in 2020 for AMD and Intel.
  3. How will the Geforce GT 1030 manage with 1080p games at medium settings?!
  4. Are there any single slot low profile graphics cards better than the Geforce GT 1030 for an Acer VEriton X6610G pc?!
  5. I have had bad experiences with used graphics cards. I prefer new in this case.
  6. I have an I7-3770 PC with 16 GB 1333 mhz RAM, 250 GB ssd and 1 TB Sata and an AMD Radeon 6570. Would a Gigabyte Geforce GT 1030 be suficient for light gaming?! I am considering a graphics card until $125 CDN. Would an extended warranty on a graphics card reccommendable?!
  7. I currently have a Kingston 120GB SSD which I am considering on upgrading to either a Samsung Evo SSD 250GB vs Kingston SSD 240GB. Will the Samsung Evo SSD provide a significant (noticeable) difference from the Kingston?! Will there be any benefit for light gaming?
  8. Is the Budget Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core, 8-thread good enough for a budget gaming pc without a graphics card?!
  9. Even when I assign the same subnet and gateway, I am unable to find the network printer on the router nor by attempting to add the printer with its IP address. Unfortunately, I do not have the admin username and password in order to change settings on the firewall. A static IP address would be easily done thereafter.
  10. Does anyone have a simple solution in connecting a Network printer which has a different subnet mask and Ipv4 gateway?! It is necessary to change the printer to have the same subnet mask and gateway to work?! or is there a workaround?!
  11. Which audio headphones would be best under $40 would be best?! I will need to look at more videos about audacity so that my children can sing cover songs.
  12. I am considering on purchasing a Fifine USB microphone. Does anyone have any good recommendation for a music recording program for music recording for children, who wish to sing their favorite songs?! I have not found any good app from Windows Store. Recommendations would be highly appreciated.
  13. I have not had success with Handbrake. It will not convert orginal DVDs to Mpeg4. I will look at other options
  14. I have many DVD movies which I would like to convert to MP4. My laptop does not have a DVD drive. I have used VLC. However, it does not convert well to MP4. There is a significant time lag between image and sound. Does anyone have any recommendations?!