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  1. I will be purchasing a Synology DS120j or DS 220j NAS. Is there a big difference with WD Blue vs WD Red for NAS?! The NAS is only meant to backup my files from three desktops/latops and use DS video. Is the extra cost for the red label Harddrive worth the extra cost?! Or will a normal Sata harddrive surfice?
  2. If I were to obtain a PC, it would need to be headless. For practicality, a Synology NAS appears to be a more attractive option. I have access it remotely from my desktop pc or laptop. I can access the NAS when I am travelling abroad. It comes down to the choice of a Synology NAS DS120j, DS220j or DS118+ single bay.
  3. I currently have 240 GB Kingston SSD. I am contemplating on purchasing a Kingston 480GB SSD or Samsung 500GB SSD. Is there any significant improvement over performance with the most expensive Samsung SSD?!
  4. There are older videos referring to a few topics that I mentioned above. However, a new refreshed look might be in order. Desktop Servers would be interesting with a focus on a budget system as a file server and video editing. How to go about starting a youtube channel and obtaining sponsors More discussions on NAS drives with separate videos dealing with the following: Setting up a plex server Setting up IP video recording Comparing main NAS companies for small business and separately for budget home users. Plus, more important to inc
  5. I am considering on purchasing a Synology NAS One Bay. Either DS120j or DS118+. Does anyone recommend any of these two NAS over other brandnames or models?! I want to make a plex server
  6. I have a Ciara Desktop i7-3770. I am currently using a Nvidia Geforce GT 1030. I am looking to upgrade the graphics card to one that only uses the 75 Watt power from the PCI card. I do not have any additional sata cables available for the graphics card as I have 1 SSD and dual Sata harddrives. Is there an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 graphic card that does not require additional power?! Or a Geforce GTX 1050ti?! I am not interested in changing the power supplies or buying a new system. I am on a tight budget of $250 CDN max (including taxes).
  7. I enjoy your informative youtube videos. I am contemplating on purchasing a Synology NAS on Cyber Monday. I am actively considering between Synology DS120j and Synology 220j. I only have 50 GB in files on my 4 home computers (2 desktops and 2 laptops). I would like to set up a Plex server. I would only steam to one television (1080p) and/or 1 desktop at a time. Would Synology DS120j be suficient to work as a Plex server?! I will likely converty my collection of 75 dvds into a digital format. Would Synology DS120j be suficient?
  8. I am considering dual 2 TB Harddrives. I only have 50 GB in files now. I need to convert 75 DVDs into a digital format. I only have one 32" Television HD. It is not 4k compatible.
  9. I am interested in setting up a Plex server. Synology appears to be a good name for NAS. Will Synology DS120j be able to run as a Plex Server?! Or alternatively Synology DS220J? I will only be running videos at 1080p.
  10. I have been looking at different brandname NAS. However, it seems that Synology has the best name due to its superior software and interface with come with the NAS. I only have 65 GB of files. A two-bay NAS would make more sense. I have two extra WD 1 TB Sata Harddrives. I am leaning towards the Synology DS220j. I am hopeful that it can be used as a Plex Server. (I do not have 4K television nor computer monitors). I would like to have 1080p30 videos. I am uncertain if Plex will offer software to transcode original DVDs to digital format. I was attempting to use Handbreak. However, Handbreak wi
  11. I would like to know if it will be possible to use Geforce GT 1030 for video hardware enconding with Handbreak. Anyone have any good ideas?!
  12. For the moment, I only have about 60 GB in files. However, I am hoping to set up a Flex Server with synology DS220j two-bay NAS. I am looking for a budget solution. I will likely use Raid 1 with dual 2TB or dual 4TB harddrive. I am researching how I can convert my movies into a digital format. Handbrake does not allow me to do so.
  13. I am looking into a single bay NAS, dual bay NAS or a three bay NAS options. For a three bay NAS, RAID 5 might be a good option for redundancy. For a dual bay NAS, RAID 1 might be good. In the end, it will come down to budget. I am hopeful that on Black Friday there will be deals. Do you have any reccommendations for any particular NAS brand?! I am leaning towards Snyology NAS. Ideally, I want a Plex storage. I just need to find out how I can convert my 75 dvds to digital format.